Expert Photo Tips

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Organization and Equipment

Always archive your images onto a CD or DVD for storage. Do not rely on your computer or hard drive for permanent storage. And always back-up!
-- Lori Nordstrom, professional photographer

When I get my photos back from the developer, I immediately put them in chronological order in a traditional photo album. That way the family can enjoy them right away. When I was working with film I used to get two sets, and I would tuck the second set of pictures in the same sleeve and just pull out the duplicates to scrap as needed. Now that I'm digital, I get one set developed and when I want to scrap I print up extra photos on my photo printer as I need them.
-- Irma Gabbard, 2007 Creative Team member

Play around with your camera and equipment so that you are very familiar with them and how they work best. Keep your manuals handy and read them often.
-- Tracy Kyle, contributing editor

I think the key to great photos is knowing your camera inside and out. It's important to know your camera, especially the basic relationship between shutter speed and aperture. If you always have your camera set on auto mode, your photos will always be hit and miss.
-- Daniela Berkhout. scrapbooker and professional photographer

If you use a digital camera, take lots of photographs. You can always go back and delete what you do not need. Also, experiment! Try shooting in different light, different times of the day. Play around and then delete what doesn't work.
-- Vicki Boutin, avid scrapbooker and photographer

The only other piece of equipment I own, besides my camera and lenses, is a good quality light meter. It helps me get proper exposure with my photos no matter the lighting situation. This is one piece of equipment I don't go to a shoot without.
-- Jamie Schultz, scrapbooker and professional photographer

Avoid your flash whenever possible. An on-camera flash will give an artificial look to your photographs. Natural light is best, so go outside or use a large window instead of flash.
-- Lori Nordstrom, professional photographer

Definitely try to shoot without a flash. The flash always distracts people and keeps you from getting natural action.
-- Melissa Inman, editor

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