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Photos of Kids

Photo by Lori Nordstrom

When photographing your baby, walk all the way around to see different perspectives.
-- Lori Nordstrom, professional photographer

Let them lead. The more I try to make my kids pose for the camera or do what I think they should do, the less happy I am with the results. Now I try to stay in documentary mode and shoot what they want to show me.
-- Melissa Inman, editor

With nervous kids it helps to have them take your picture first.
-- Cameron Sadeghpour, professional photographer whose work regularly appears in Scrapbooks etc.

Instead of asking kids to sit still, I try to create an environment that will contain them in one area. For babies and toddlers I might put them in something (crate, basket, wagon, etc.), making it harder for them to get away. For mobile toddlers I will often have them sit on a chair or stool.
-- Jamie Schultz, scrapbooker and professional photographer

With kids I often let them play and will use a camera with a zoom lens as I stay at a distance. This does two things: First it keeps them more at ease. Secondly when you are at the far reaches of a zoom lens it softens the background, giving the photo more of portrait look.
-- Jay Wilde, professional photographer whose work regularly appears in Scrapbooks etc.

Don't expect kids to sit still! I usually want them to "do their thing." Photographs of kids playing, laughing, running, and dancing really show their personalities off.
-- Lori Nordstrom, professional photographer

Photograph your kids doing what they love -- playing, drawing, reading, talking on the phone, eating anything sweet, riding a bike, shooting basketball, visiting grandparents...don't worry about making them pose for the perfect shot. Just shoot.
-- Angelia Wigginton, 2007 Creative Team member

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