Paper Storage Solutions

Tuck away your all-important cardstock and papers with these practical solutions.
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Tips for Getting Organized

Can you locate a particular piece of paper without digging through stacks and piles? How long does it take you to find that single sheet? If you're taking precious scrapping time to search for paper you already own or spending hard-earned money repurchasing it, it's time to marshal a storage solution.

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An optimal storage system should:

  • Provide easy access
  • Allow you to take a quick inventory
  • Protect your papers
  • Accommodate different paper sizes and types
  • Make cleanup a snap
  • Fit the space you have

The first step to finding the right storage solution for you is sorting your paper into categories. The basic methods for categorizing paper are by color, theme, or manufacturer.

To figure out which method will work for you, think about how you shop for paper in your favorite scrapbooking store. How is the store organized? When you shop, do you seek papers by color ("I want red-and-yellow papers"), or manufacturers' coordinating lines ("I want that new SEI Granny's Kitchen line")? Your answers will help you pinpoint which categorization method best fits your style.

After you organize and contain your paper, find a place to stow the containers. Read on to see three storage solutions conceived and tested by fellow scrappers.

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