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Convert Photos to Black-and-White

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In digital photography, getting a good black-and-white conversion is easy with image-editing software. You may be tempted to convert a photo simply by switching from color to grayscale, but watch out: You'll end up with a flat image, stripping away most of the various tones within the photo. Instead, use these methods:

Adobe Photoshop

Open your image in Adobe Photoshop.

Select Image>Adjustments>Channel Mixer.

In the Channel Mixer box, check the Monochrome option. Start adjusting the sliders one by one until you create a pleasing combination of color channels, making sure the sum of all three channels equals 100. (If you have skin tones in your photo, you may want to adjust the Red channel a little more aggressively.)

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Open the color image you wish to convert. Create an adjustment layer by choosing "Layer" then ?New Adjustment Layer." At the bottom of the adjustment layer window, set the "Blend Mode" of this adjustment layer to "Color."

Create a second adjustment layer by choosing "Layer" then "New Adjustment Layer." Slide the Saturation slider all the way to the left.

Now that you have two adjustment layers, select the first adjustment layer you created and double-click the small icon to reopen the Hue/Saturation window for that adjustment layer. Slide the Hue slider to the left to -150 or so.

Click "Layer," then "Flatten Image."

Paint Shop Pro 10

Open the color image you wish to convert. Click "Adjust," then click "Hue and Saturation," then "Hue/Saturation/Lightness." You will see the "Hue/Saturation/Lightness" control window pop up. Adjust the hue slider all the way to the right for a setting of 180. Adjust the saturation slider all the way down for a setting of -100.

Ensure that the lightness slider is set at exactly zero (in the center), then click "OK" to complete the conversion.

Microsoft Digital Image Suite

Open the color image you wish to convert. If the "Common Tasks" menu is not visible, click "View", then choose "Common Tasks." On the "Common Tasks" menu, click the "Effects" arrow, and then click "Black and White."

To further fine-tune and enhance the black and white image, click "Black-and-White Effects" under the "Effects" menu. Here you can adjust the hue and saturation of the image to suit your taste.