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Our Favorite Photo Apps

Around SBE HQ, we are obsessed with finding fun photo apps. Here are some of our favorites, with links at the end to get the app for your particular phone:




Camera+: Set the exposure, choose a shooting mode or zoom with this app—just like an actual camera! iPhone

FxCamera: Take a photo with various effects, including instant and Warhol-esque looks. Android

Hipstamatic: Choose a camera and film combination for fun retro images. iPhone

Pocketbooth: Turn your phone into a vintage photobooth with this app that shoots three consecutive images and groups them in a strip. Save and share the photos, or have prints sent to you. AndroidiPhone

Retro Camera: Turn your phone into an old-school camera to take photos with instant nostalgia. Android, iPhone



Disposable Hipstamatic: From the fine people at Hipstamatic, this app let’s you “share” a camera with friends, and when all 24 exposures have been taken, it sends all of you the images. iPhone

Flickr: Did you know you can upload photos to Flickr from your phone with the easy-to-use Flickr app? Android, iPhone

Instagram: The popular photo-sharing app allows you to apply a number of primo filters to your images before sharing them with friends. It’s also great for gathering inspiration (and seeing what your friends are up to). iPhone

Path: A cool photo journal you can share with friends, Path also lets you record check-ins and posts from your other social media accounts. Android, iPhone




100 Cameras in 1: As the title suggests, a phone with this app is like carrying around 100 cameras—all with different effects. It’s speedy, fun, and a little addictive. Android, iPhone

Adobe Photoshop Express: This mobile version of the popular image-editing software provides basic tools, such as cropping, lighting adjustments, conversion to black-and-white, and vintage and vignette effects. iPhone, Android

BeFunky: Edit your photos with creative photo effects, editing tools, and frames. Android, iPhone

Camerabag: This app allows you to apply more than a dozen different professional filters to your photos—without sharing them. iPhone

Camera Zoom FX: Apply a variety of filters and frames to your images, including a Polaroid effect. Android

Diptic: Use this app to combine multiple images into a collage. iPhone

imgEdit: Let imgEdit rotate, flip, and mirror the image or add special effects, such as gray scale, sepia tone, a negative look, and more. Blackberry

Labelbox: Add captions to your images with strips of digital decorative tape. iPhone

Lightbox Photos: Enhance your mobile photos with fun effects and share them with friends. Android

Pano: Use Pano to create seamless panoramic photos with up to 16 photos. Android, iPhone, Windows

Photo Editor: With this app you can crop, rotate, adjust brightness, adjust contrast, resize and change the color of your images. Blackberry

Picoli: This traditional photo-editing program lets you edit the brightness and sharpness of your images and offers such effects as sepia, night vision, and color dithering. iPhone

PicSay: Color-correct, edit, and add text to your photos before sharing them with friends in this easy-to use app. Android

Radical Draw with Photo Editing: This app can be used to crop or rotate pictures, draw on photographs, or even create your own pictures. Blackberry

Snapseed: Perform photo editing with the swipe of a finger, with Snapseed’s numerous enhancements and effects, including auto correct. iPhone, Android

Thumba Photo Editor: This standard photo editor allows you to crop, flip, and remove red-eye, among other features. Windows



Air Photo Wifi Printing: Print images to a printer on a Wifi network (though you must have Air Photo Server, which is free, running on your desktop). iPhone

Epson iPrint: Print photos and other files to an Epson printer on a wireless network. Android, iPhone

HP ePrint Home & Biz: Print mobile images to your HP printer. Android, iPhone

LifePics: Send photos to a nearby photo-finisher from teh LifePics Photofinisher Network of more than 18,000 stores then pick up and pay for your photos in person. Android,  iPhone, Windows

Photo Prints by Mail: Get 4×6″ prints delivered from your phone to your mailbox. Android

PostalPix: Upload and order images (even square prints for Instagram pics) from your phone and have them sent to you. iPhone

Print Magic: Send photos (and other documents) to most printers on a wireless network. iPhone

Walgreens: Upload, share and order images to be printed at a nearby pharmacy. Android, iPhone



So what are your favorite apps?



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A Fond Farewell

Meredith Corporation has made the difficult decision to close Scrapbooks etc. effective with the August 2012 issue. Scrapbooks etc. has been the longtime brand leader within the scrapbooking industry, but due to the longer term business forecast for the franchise and the industry, the corporation has chosen to cease publishing within this marketplace.

The August 2012 issue, with an on-sale date of June 19, will be released on schedule to our 350,000 subscribers and newsstand buyers through the scheduled off-sale date of August 14, 2012. The ScrapbooksEtc.com website will support the print issue throughout this time period as well.

Meredith Corporation continues our strong support of the crafts industry with our Holiday Crafts titles and our newest addition, Make it Yourself, launching in October 2012. And of course we will continue to serve the growing quilting industry with our multiple quilting titles and website, allpeoplequilt.com.

For questions regarding your subscription, please e-mail sbecustserv@cdsfulfillment.com. If you’d like to purchase past issues for use on a mobile device, go to www.zinio.com/sbe.

On a personal note from the editorial staff, we are grateful for your support through the years. We could not have asked for better readers, and we have loved seeing your scrapbook pages and craft projects in our inboxes, on our website, and on our Facebook page. You inspired us in our mission to give you the ideas and information you wanted to preserve your memories and express yourselves creatively, and we hope that we in turn inspired you to create great pages and projects.

We’ll be posting here on the blog for a few more weeks as the August issue hits newsstands. And look for a post celebrating some of our favorite projects through the years.


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Call for projects: Halloween and teens

Hey, gang! We’re gearing up for our October issue, so we have a couple of calls we’d like to share with you! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Halloween Pages, Cards & Decor

We’re looking ahead to Halloween, so we want to see your best Halloween pages, cards and décor items. They can be cute, scary or a little of both!


To submit your projects, e-mail a scan or photograph of each submissions@meredith.com by Saturday, March 10. Please type “Halloween” in the subject line. Limit submissions to three per person, and keep attached files less than 500k.



Teen Pages

We’re focusing on the teen years in our October issue, so send us your best teen-related scrapbook pages. We’re looking for pages highlighting anything teen-related: school achievements, milestones (like getting a drivers’ license), birthdays, trends, friends, etc.


To submit your projects, e-mail a scan or photograph of your layout to submissions@meredith.com by Saturday, March 10. Please type “Teens” in the subject line. Limit submissions to three per person, and keep attached files less than 500k.


(Edited to correct the date.)

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Birthday Cake

SOURCES Cardstock: WorldWin. Font: Rockwell off the Internet. Punches: Fiskars (stars, scallop border).  Other: Bead, paper mache boxes: Joanns. Design: Lisa Storms.


When Lisa Storms sent this project in for our birthday story in the April 2012 issue, we all thought it would make an awesome birthday party decoration. And it’s so simple to make!

Take three different sizes of round kraft boxes (you can find them at your crafts store) and cover the bases (forget the lids) in white cardstock or paint them white. Stack them (bottom side up) and hot glue them together. Punch scalloped borders along white cardstock and adhere a strip to the bottom of each cake layer. Punch different sizes of stars in a rainbow of colors from cardstock, and adhere them as shown. For the flag, use an anywhere hole punch or drill to make a hole in the top box. Print or write a sentiment on a strip of white cardstock, then wrap the cardstock around a craft stick or bamboo skewer and adhere. Glue a bead to the top of the stick. Insert flag into the hole. (Make sure the stick is long enough to touch the bottom of the box.)

These cakes would make awesome centerpieces or even favors (as smaller versions). Enjoy!

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Our February Cover Stars

Have you seen both of our February covers? I can’t decide which one I love more (which might account for why we decided to run two—collect them all!). The first features a super cute owl valentine by Valerie Salmon, which you can also see on page 21 of the magazine:

The second showcases a beautiful project from Jenifer Harkin that you can also see on page 46 of the magazine:

Isn’t it yummy? You can find more of Jen’s work on the Jillibean Soup blog,  “Bean Talk”. My current favorite of her projects is this cute baker’s twine snowman (toward the end of the post)!


So if you haven’t picked up the February copy of Scrapbooks etc. yet, be on the lookout for these covers! Have a good weekend!

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Summer Fun (Call for Pages)

It’s never too early to start thinking about summer! We’re searching for your best summer layouts and projects, from barbecues and pool parties to Fourth of July and beach trips.

To submit your pages, e-mail a scan or photograph of your layout to submissions@meredith.com by Wednesday, January 25. Please type “Summer” in the subject line. Limit submissions to three per person, and keep attached files less than 500k.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Capturing Your Year

One of my favorite stories in the February issue is “Cheer a New Year” on page 60, which features different projects designed to capture a year, week, or month of everyday life, including Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life album. I thought it would be fun to show you my 2011 Week in the Life album.


This was my second year participating in Ali’s project, in which she challenges fellow scrapbookers to document a specific week in their lives—even if they don’t have anything “special” going on. The project really inspires you to show what life is like on the regular days. Often many of us only scrapbook the highlights. But there is so much that goes on between birthdays, holidays, and vacations that is important too! Week in the Life helps me capture some of that—and results in some of my favorite photos of the year.

For this year’s Week in the Life project, I wasn’t able to document as much of my week as I would have liked, so early on I decided to only use my cell phone to make it easier to get photos and journaling on the go (since I always have my phone with me). I ended up with a mini album that summarized a hectic and eventful week well.


I used the Postal Pix app to print out my photo, and decided to make a mini album showcasing just a few photos each day. I used the Momento app to capture my journaling.


Simplifying the project made it easier to complete the project during a hectic time, but I’m looking forward to doing a more in-depth version next year.

You can see all of Ali’s 2011 album here, and learn more about the project on her blog. Have any of you participated in Week in the Life? If so, put a link to your albums in the comments section—we’d love to see them!

While working on the “Cheer the New Year” story, we also got inspired by Lisa Truesdell’s take on  Becky Higgins’ Project Life. So inspired, in fact, that several of us have committed to doing Project Life in 2012. I have to admit that I’m a little intimidated by the thought of a project that covers every day of the year. But I love the idea that this time next year I’ll have a detailed record of the whole year. To stay committed, though, I decided to get some help. So we’ve started a Project Life club at the office and about eight of us are going to get together on our lunch hours once a month to get caught up on our albums and share our progress. I can’t wait!

Are any of you doing Project Life next year?

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Snow Much Fun

SOURCES Stacking boxes, glass dome, patterned paper, mica, trim, stacking boxes, gems, crepe paper: Melissa Frances. Design: Carolyn Peeler.

Have you seen the pretty project at the beginning of our “Snow Much Fun” story? The talented Carolyn Peeler made it for us, and I love how ethereal it looks.

The project is fairly simple to make. Cover two stacking boxes with patterned paper and adhere the smaller atop the larger. For the rosette, accordion fold a strip of patterned paper and attach the ends before flattening into a circle. Add a gem or brooch accent to the center, then brush the edges with liquid adhesive and sprinkle mica on them. Set aside to dry before attaching it to the larger box.

Add trim to the top of the top box and fringed crepe paper to the bottom. Adhere mica to the boxes wherever you want more shimmer.

Sculpt a  2 3/4” tall snowman from white clay, such as Crayola Air-Dry Clay. When the snowman is dry, paint the eyes, nose, etc. as needed. Adhere the snowman to top of box., and add mica or glitter for shine. Then place a glass glass dome over the top of snowman.

I think I might have to make one for myself. It looks—forgive me—snow much fun!

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Mobile Scrapbook Planners

In our February issue, we show you how to make your own project planner. But if you’ve got a smart phone, there are lots of apps available to help you plan on the go. Then when you sit down to scrap, you already have plans, and journaling ready to go! Here are some of my favorites:



Bento is somewhat like a customizable database you can put on your phone, which makes sense, since it’s from the good folks at Filemaker. I use this to track all of my scrapping and crafting projects. When I decide to make something I plug it into my “Craft Projects” list, which has fields that list the projects’ craft (such as scrapbooking or knitting), the supplies I need, what stage the project is in, and when it’s due. It’s great for when I’m at the scrapbook or craft store and can’t remember what I need to finish a project, or when I get an idea while I’m waiting in line somewhere.



The marketing slogan for Evernote is, “Remember everything,” and it is similar to a searchable notebook.  I love it for keeping notes on things I want to scrapbook later—either the idea for the project or journaling for it, from the way I was feeling about a particular event to a great quote I want to use later. Just jot down a thought, and Evernote saves it by the date. You can also add tags or photos. So you can take photos with your phone, then add journaling in Evernote and search for it later when you’re ready to put your scrapbook page together!



Flava helps you save photos, notes, links, voice recordings, and even locations together by date. It would be awesome for recording a trip—you can plug in a location, take a photo and journal your memories at one, then you’re ready to scrap them all when you get home!



I love Momento for recording journaling on the go. It s another one that lets you add photos, tags, and locations, but my favorite part about it is it can collect your social media posts, such as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare. I used this for my 2011 Week in the Life album, and I loved how easy it was to just go to a particular day and see all my journaling and social media posts in one place. It makes for a fun snapshot of your life!


Those are the apps I use for organizing my scrapbooking. How about the rest of you?

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New Page Calls!

Hey, gang! We’re gearing up for our June issue, so we’re in need of your finest work. Here are the subjects we’re interested in. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!


Childhood Memories

From pages about your child’s favorite toy, best quotes, or adorable personality quirks to designs highlighting your own childhood, we’re looking for projects featuring cherished childhood memories.


To submit your pages, e-mail a scan or photograph of your layout to submissions@meredith.com by Friday, November 4. Please type “Childhood” in the subject line. Limit submissions to three per person, and keep attached files less than 500k.



Wedding Pages

Show us your wedding projects! We’re looking for scrapbook pages and projects highlighting everything from the engagement to the reception.


To submit your projects, e-mail a scan or photograph of your layout to submissions@meredith.com by Friday, November 4. Please type “Wedding” in the subject line. Limit submissions to three per person, and keep attached files less than 500k.



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