What’s Next?

Newsletters: E-mail newsletters will continue to come until August 30. After that, you will be given the choice of signing up for a Better Homes and Gardens craft e-newsletter, which will include paper crafting, general crafts, DIY gifts and decor, and scrapbooking.

Social Media: The Facebook and Twitter pages will be shut down at the end of August. Until that time, we will continue posting new scrapbook content and answering any scrapbook-related questions. Our Pinterest will stay up, but will be branded with the Better Homes and Gardens logo.

Website: The website will continue to receive updates and showcase new content through August. After that time, the website will remain up for inspiration and scrapbooking ideas.

Back Issues: If you missed an issue, or want to catch up, you can order past magazines here.

Questions: Any subscription and refund questions should be directed to our customer service e-mail: sbecustserv@cdsfulfillment.com. (They are very busy right now, so please be patient!)

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6 Responses to “What’s Next?”

  1. What about subscriptions? I just paid for a 2 year renewal on mine.

  2. Please e-mail sbecustserv@cdsfulfillment.com with refund inquiries.

  3. Somewhere I heard the publishers of Scrapbook Inc. were launching a new craft magazine in fall. I’ve been told my Scrapbook, Inc. subscription will be filled with Better Homes & Garden magazine instead.
    I would rather receive a new craft magazine. Why weren’t we given a choice?

  4. The craft magazine, Make It Yourself, that is being released in October is only one issue and is not being sold as a subscription.

  5. You state we need to contact the email address above with refund inquiries, but I have sent 3 emails (the first being last Wednesday) with no response. I would like a refund and I understand customer service is busy, but the automated response says allow up to 48 hours and I am still not getting satisfaction from your customer service department. Can we call BH&G directly? Please provide that phone number. Thanks.

  6. I join all the others in saying a sad farewell to scrapbooks, etc. It was my favorite scrap magazine and the only one I subscribed to. I will miss the inspiration. I feel like I know many of your long-time design team contributors after seeing so many of their layouts! I’m glad I diligently saved every copy (even though my husband thought I was a bit crazy). Thank you for keeping the web site up and running. Gee I hope that scrapbooking isn’t dead — I have so much left to do! Thanks again for the years of great scrap ideas, advice, introduction to new stuff and techniques. You are a talented group.