Scrapbooks Etc. Good-bye

On Friday, the past and present staff of Scrapbooks Etc. got together to say good-bye and celebrate what has been a great venture for everyone involved. We had a great time reminiscing on all the wonderful moments we’ve shared over the past 13 years. Here are some pictures from the party.


Melissa Inman (former editor), Michelle Rubin (editor), Heidi Palkovic (former editor)

Maria Charbonneaux (former staff writer), Brittany Hopkins (former staff writer)

Mary Heaton (copy editor), Katie Parker (former associate editor)

Lindsay Fullington (web editor), Katrina Widener (editorial assistant)

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14 Responses to “Scrapbooks Etc. Good-bye”

  1. I just subscribed to the magazine. Where will my money be going?

  2. I love this magazine. I really hate to see it go. It was the best out there.

  3. I have another year on my subscription will I get my money refunded??

  4. What!? This is the ONLY scrapbook magazine I buy! It’s the best of the best, so sad to see this happen,

  5. I’m going to miss this magazine so much! It is my very favorite!!! You girls really rocked the scrapbooking world. I’m so sad, and I will miss all of you. :(

  6. I am so sad to see this magazine go. It was the only magazine I subscribe to. Very sad.

  7. So sad to hear that I won’t be receiving my favorite magazine any more. You all were the best!!! Wishing you lots of happy scrapping in your future.

  8. So are we all getting a refund? — So sad to hear this magazine has bit the dust — I really looked forward to it. Where do we find out about our refunds?

  9. Trust me there won’t be refunds your sub $$$ already gone .. This sucks

  10. Please honor our subscription and issue a refund for

  11. I love the magazine too. I can’t believe my subscription recently expired, last month. I just bought the current and last issue on my NOOK, and will buy a hard copy as well. Sorry for all involved to see it end. Have you considered a digital only edition? I don’t think scrapbooking itself is disappearing, just evolving. Best of luck to all of you; look at this as a new opportunity.

  12. What about my paid subscription,

    And if you have 300,000 subscribers I don’t see why you are folding!

  13. I do NOT understand…my subscription is paid up until JUNE 2014!!! How do I get back $$$ I’ve paid? I really hope I hear from you…I want my $$$ back! Thank you!

  14. Sorry to ser you go, enjoyed ALL the different layout designs. I also paid up to 2014!!!