A Fond Farewell

Meredith Corporation has made the difficult decision to close Scrapbooks etc. effective with the August 2012 issue. Scrapbooks etc. has been the longtime brand leader within the scrapbooking industry, but due to the longer term business forecast for the franchise and the industry, the corporation has chosen to cease publishing within this marketplace.

The August 2012 issue, with an on-sale date of June 19, will be released on schedule to our 350,000 subscribers and newsstand buyers through the scheduled off-sale date of August 14, 2012. The ScrapbooksEtc.com website will support the print issue throughout this time period as well.

Meredith Corporation continues our strong support of the crafts industry with our Holiday Crafts titles and our newest addition, Make it Yourself, launching in October 2012. And of course we will continue to serve the growing quilting industry with our multiple quilting titles and website, allpeoplequilt.com.

For questions regarding your subscription, please e-mail sbecustserv@cdsfulfillment.com. If you’d like to purchase past issues for use on a mobile device, go to www.zinio.com/sbe.

On a personal note from the editorial staff, we are grateful for your support through the years. We could not have asked for better readers, and we have loved seeing your scrapbook pages and craft projects in our inboxes, on our website, and on our Facebook page. You inspired us in our mission to give you the ideas and information you wanted to preserve your memories and express yourselves creatively, and we hope that we in turn inspired you to create great pages and projects.

We’ll be posting here on the blog for a few more weeks as the August issue hits newsstands. And look for a post celebrating some of our favorite projects through the years.


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196 Responses to “A Fond Farewell”

  1. I’m so very sad to read this, I always look forward to finding my magazine in my mailbox. You will be missed!

  2. Nooooooooo! This is terrible, awful news. Yours is the best publication out there, bar none. I am really sorry to hear this.

  3. I am terribly sad to hear this news! A chance meeting with a Scrapbooks Etc. issue in the Wal-Mart check out lane in 2000 is what introduced me to this wonderful hobby. I have since been a contributor and Creative Team Member. What disappointing news.

  4. NO! Not you too! What is happening to the scrapbook industry as a whole? Where is it going? Is it dying because of the digital revolution? On behalf of the 350,000 readers…we’ll miss you! You were the best.

  5. So sad to hear this. Quilting gets to keep a magazine but scrapbooking doesn’t it? I don’t get it. I love the simple and easy to duplicate ideas. I hope Meredith Corp will have scrapbooking ideas in other publications.

  6. NO!!! I am a long-term subscriber! What happens to my paid for subscription??? What do I do for inspiration? What is WRONG?

  7. Oh no no no no no no no no…… What sad news :(
    This was my absolute favorite scrap magazine. So very sorry to see it end.

  8. VERY SAD! My all-time favorite Scrapbooking magazine is going away. Wondering what will happen to our subscriptions?

  9. I am really sad to hear this news! Please know how much you will be missed!! You have done an awesome job for all of us!! I will treasure every issue that I have!!

    ‘Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors,


  10. I am sick about this!! I started scrapbooking after being inspired by an issue of Scrapbooks, etc. in 2001. It changed my perspective of scrapbooking and has been a driving influence in what is now a huge part of my life. It was absolutely the highest quality of any magazine in the industry. Please bring us special issues in the future if you can!!!!

  11. Very sad news.

  12. Such sad news! This is my favourite scrapbook mag! I will definitely miss it. Thanks to everyone at the magazine for so many great ideas and articles over the years.

  13. So sorry to hear this–I’ve enjoyed the magazine since it came out, and will miss it, and the e-newleter :-(

  14. Wow I am shocked by this news. I look forward to receiving my new issue every month. I can’t imagine that the “industry” is failing. If anything I think it has grown stronger of the past few years. Such an awesome magazine, with great ideas and such a talented group!! Very sad day in scrapbooking and cardmaking alike!!!


  15. Hate it but not surprised.

  16. This is so crazy!! I can’t believe we are losing the best scrapbooking magazine I’ve ever seen!! What happens to those who have subscriptions paid for already? I am really disappointed to hear this, scrapbooking is a huge industry and I cannot understand why the parent corporation would give up on this.

  17. I am so sad. This magazine was such a source of inspiration for me! I have saved every issue I got (I’m a subscriber) and will never let them go! :( very sad…

  18. I am so very sad to read this!!! I like being able to bring my magazine everywhere with me! I have a subscriber for many years, and this is very disappointing news! Sad day indeed!

  19. We’re sorry to see Scrapbooks Etc to go. You guys have always provided great tips and tricks for scrapbookers. Thank you for continuing to inspire and excite us with your creations. Best of luck to the entire team in their future endeavors.

    Becca Bernstein
    Social Media Marketing Manager, Picaboo.com

  20. Very sad news!! What happens to those of us to subscribed to the magazine for one year? Do we get a refund???

  21. This really, excuse my language, sucks.

  22. It would seem that quilting customers are spending more than scrapbooking customers. Therefore the quilting manufacturers/businesses are willing/able to spend more on advertising. Advertising, rather than subscribers, is the life blood of magazine publishing. Without the advertising, there is no magazine. It is sad, but the attraction to close-outs and off-branded “bargains” within scrapbooking has been hard to miss.

  23. i can’t believe this is happening. i LOVE this publication, read it over and over and over again. i always find something new and exciting

  24. So sad… this was my FAVOURITE scrapbooking magazine!

  25. It’s hard to believe that the forecast sees no future in continuing this periodical when scrapbooking is a 2+ Billion dollar industry, when there are 350,000 subscribers, and when competition is little to none in the marketplace. It’s a regrettable decision, if you ask me, but what do I know …. I’ve subscribed for many years to your magazine, thoroughly enjoyed every issue (I continue to keep and peruse them for inspiration) and I certainly will miss pulling a new one from the mailbox & reading it from cover to cover. I wish the staff & contributors only the best with their future personal and professional endeavors. Perhaps you can have an area at your website where links to personal blogs could be posted so the community can continue to exist in some cyber format, independent of the publication. Thank you. Please consider, and thank you.

  26. So what happens to the money I paid to recieve your magazine in the mail though Aug. of 2014

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  28. What happens to our paid for subscription I am not able to email with the website that you are offering I loved this magazine, will miss it very much.

  29. I can’t believe you are stopping publication! Yous is by far the best paper crafting magazine EVER! So many great ideas and such easy directions to follow! Where will I get my inspiration and ideas? So very sad. I hate to see you go!

  30. Not cool. So Sad!

  31. I’m a Kindle subscriber and absolutely loved getting each new copy. You will be missed, but as the publisher of a magazine myself, I completely understand the decision. My best to all of you in your future endeavors!

  32. You will be sorely missed. I just learned of your farewell this morning, and it breaks my heart. Your magazine was the only one I truly enjoyed reading, and always looked forward to seeing the next one in the store. (Until recently, upon which I finally subscribed). I wish you weren’t going- please, please stay!!!

  33. This news makes me very sad. I’ve always enjoyed your work and working with you. Thanks for all you did to inspire and support the scrapbooking community. You’ll be missed.

  34. This is horrible news! I’m glad I have kept every issue since I started subscribing! What happens to my money left on my subscription? Do we get a refund?

  35. Are you going to keep the website up??
    I look at the Scrapbook Layout Sketches almost every day! It’s going to kill me.

  36. Im so sorry to hear this news. I enjoy your magazine so much. It’s so sad to see another industry down the drain. This economy has hurt so many in so many ways. Blessings to all of you.

  37. I just tried to email at the address you provided and it doesn’t work. I am paid thru Dec. 2012, do I get a refund for issues that aren’t sent??

  38. Truly sad news for scrapbookers! It’s the way of a lot of magazines and newspapers – It’s too bad, but true! I’ve always enjoyed my subscription, but found that most of the information eventually got posted on FB or their website. I hope they keep the website for a while . . .

  39. When I had to reduce the number of magazines that I could subscribe to, Scrapbooks, etc. was the one I would not let lapse. I am terribly disappointed to learn that it will no longer be available.

  40. So sad! I love Scrapbooks Etc. It is my fav out of all the others out there. Thank you to everyone who has been responsible for the great mag and I wish all of you the best in whatever your future holds.
    Thanks also for all the fabulous ideas and inspiration over the years. You will be missed!

  41. NOOOOOOOOO !!! This is the only thing I look forward to, receiving my magazine every month. There is no other one that you can compare to. Scrapbooking is the best “therapy” anybody can do. It’s fun, brings memories together, what else can it do……. What do we have to do so that you can change your mind. Here in Puerto RIco there is a very strong and large Scrapbooking market and it is very sad to hear this. Still have the first magazine I received , don’t remember how many years ago. To sad, to sad……………..Please reconsider !!!!!!

  42. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I’m soooo sad now! This is very horrible and terrible! I look forward to receiving my subscription every month!

  43. This is my favorite scrapbook magazine, I will miss it!

  44. This is TERRBILE, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE news!!!!!!!!! I’m SO DISAPPOINTED!!! I have checked out lots of scrapbooking publications and settled on SBE as my absolute favorite since the beginning. I will miss it very much!! :( SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. This makes me so very sad! I have been such a HUGE fan since the beginning! You will be sadly missed! :(

  46. I am so sad that this is happening! Your magazine is the best!!

  47. Oh no! This is the best scrapbooking magazine ever – I let all my other subscriptions go when I found Scrapbooks, Etc. This is indeed sad news!

  48. Why would the best Scrapbook magazine in the nation decide to close their doors? I think Merideth Corp has made a terrible mistake in stopping publication of this magazine.

  49. I don’t even buy any other magazine…I’m so very very sad. You have been the most TRULY innovative magazine. Whoever at Merideth made this decision has made a gross mistake. I’m not happy AT ALL.

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  51. I’m deeply disappointed with this decision as I have enjoyed the magazine for many years.
    I think Merideth Corp. has made a poor business decision.
    I also have a long-standing subscription and am wondering what will happen to the money I paid.

  52. I am so very sorry to hear this news. SBE has been an all-time favorite of mine, and most of my scrapbooking friends, for many, many years. Your publication will be sorely missed in the scrapbooking world. :-(

  53. This is sad indeed! I realize there is so much content online but I for one love having a magazine to look at and read through! I am on a computer all day for work and it’s the last thing I want to do at home for my hobby! Sure wish there was a way to keep this publication (and others) around!!! Your magazine truly will be missed.

  54. Noooooooooo!!! I am so disappointed, you were my favorite scrap booking magazine!!

  55. So very, very sad to see you go. Will you continue as a blog presence perhaps?

  56. So sad! This sucks big time! It is such a great magazine and so inspirational.

  57. This is a very unfortunate and bad decision. This is by far the BEST scrapbook magazine world wide — and like many enthusiastic scrapbookers, we’ve seen them all. In all seriousness, very sad about this. The magazine will leave a HUGE hole in the magazine world.

  58. Ditto, what everyone else has said. I got pulled into this hobby against my better judgement and now that I am totally addicted slowly but surely the market is disappearing!
    I’m so sorry this is happening, my condolences to all those that will be losing their jobs.

  59. oh this makes me so sad! SBE has always been a HUGE source of inspiration for me and will be sorely missed!

  60. This totally blows! What cruddy news!

  61. A very sad day in the craft industry. My heart goes out to each and every one of the talented staff members at Scrapbooks, Etc. This magazine will be missed by many.

  62. Such sad news! I’m really sorry to hear this. This has been my favorite magazine.

  63. I too just sent in a check to renew thru August 2012. How do I get my refund? I’m sorry to see the magazine go, but as someone who works in the print industry, totally understand. Please contact me if the email above doesn’t work as some have said.

  64. *August 2014

  65. This is the worst news ever. This is my favorite magazine and the only one I ever by. I also love the website for ideas. So SAD

  66. What a sad sad day it is!!! Your magazine is by far the best one out there and I will truly miss it!!!

  67. I am so sorry to hear this!! I wish everyone associated with the magazine production the very best in their future endeavors.

    I tried to email about my paid subscription, but I can’t send it…get a message that it’s not a valid email address (copied from the announcement above).

    Please let me know how to contact someone about this.


  68. Very sad news. I do hope this is just someone misreading the market place and not a continuing trend. Those of us who love scrapbooking and paper crafting are not feeling the love returning from the publishing sectors.
    Best wishes to all the hardworking staff, writers and contributors of Scrapbooks,etc. Hopefully you will still be able to find ways to get the information out to your loyal readers.
    Thank you for all your hard work!

  69. I am so sorry to hear this. Scrapbooks, etc. is my very favorite magazine. :(

  70. A sad day indeed. This is the only mag I subscribe to any more. I don’t think this is a wise decision on behalf of Meridth Corp but we don’t have a say in that. You guys really should update the blog post to say what is going to happen to our subscriptions…

  71. Sorry to hear this. You were the only scrapbook magazine I still subscribed to. Prayers being said for all those who have lost their jobs.

  72. I just sent in my renewal yesterday. I don’t have good timing.

    I so love your magazine. It is the best.

  73. I’m so sad. You were my favorite scrapbooking magazine. i was a subscriber and when I wasn’t I would purchase your mag and pass around to friends. I did hope you would keep the website but I do understand. Thanks for a great run.

  74. I cannot believe this. Stunned.

  75. Oh, this is so sad! This is one of my favorite magazines! I also am subscribed until late 2013 and wonder what will happen with that…

  76. Stunned, just stunned. I was about to re-up for another two years, extending my current subscription through 2015. This is just beyond sad.

  77. You will be missed….I am a subscriber to your magazines. It always gives me inspiration to look at all the different crafting techniques by so many talented ladies. What will happen to the subscribion I paid for a whole year? Which I paid back in December to get this years subscription. So I will be jipped out of 4 magazines…Please let me know what is going to happen?


    A concerned customer

  78. The only magazine I buy. Very sad news…

  79. I subscribe to only one magazine, yours! I also give them as gifts. I am so very sad to hear this. Another sign of these sad economic times. Thank you for providing a great resource.

  80. This is horrible news!! I can’t believe this is happening. I agree with the other posts and don’t think this was a wise decision. Please reconsider! This is by far the best magazine and the only one I subscribe to. You will be sorely missed and I wish all the staff luck in their future endeavors.

  81. nooooo!!! Say it ain’t so!!!

  82. What in the world is REALLY going on? This is still a lucritive industry. This is really a poor decision. But as a subscriber from this past December, I think that we ALL deserve a refund for the missing issues. I have nothing to do with quilting, no disrespect, but it is not similar to Scrapbooking!

  83. So sad to hear. Will miss this magazine.

  84. We will miss you thanks for all the awesome ideas over the years, you will be missed!

  85. and yet you still have a “subscribe now” ad running, top right …. not cool

  86. I am so sad. This is the one magazine that has continued to inspire me and the one I continue to subscribe too. Where will I go now? I so love the actual magazine and I am not content to only look online.

  87. This is very sad but not surprising. Unfortunately many of the magazines made the mistake of going with “Creative Teams” instead of using reader submissions like they did when they started. It used to be exciting to flip through an issue and see if a friend was featured, or to see your own layout in there. At one point I subscribed to 4 different scrapping magazines…..and then slowly they all started to look the same. Same people month after month. While I’m sorry to see that the magazine is going under, I’m sad to say that I’m not surprised.

  88. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: this is such sad news; and maddening….this is my most favorite magazine. Dang!!!

  89. :(

  90. After years of buying over-the-counter, I finally subscribed within the last 2 months. NOW WHAT?!?! I would like to know from you directly (with a letter perhaps? An e-mail??) about a refund. I also agree with a previous poster that it is not cool to keep up a link with a SUBSCRIBE NOW message. And while I can’t say I fault your business decision, with a reported 350,000 subscribers, I find it difficult to believe you are shutting a perfectly GREAT magazine!! Something seems amiss.

  91. Sad, sad, sad. LOVE Scrapbooks, Etc. Always find inspiration in every issue and have kept every single one and often go back and find NEW inspiration from old issues.

  92. This is awful and a poor decision!!! Very disappointed!!!

  93. This is sad indeed. And what will us 350,000 subscribers do????? There was a reason we subscribed to you. I have read the others – they can’t hold a candle to you! You WILL be missed.

  94. So sad to hear this. Scrapbooks, Etc is my favorite FAVORITE mag!!!

  95. Noooo! I have a subscription thru Feb of 2014!! So now I’m just out that money?? Why would the best mag in the industry just stop publishing? I don’t get it and this makes me very unhappy. I thought a Better Homes & Garden mag would certainly stick around. Not pleased with this decision AT ALL!!

  96. I’m sorry to hear that you will no longer be publishing your magazine! I loved the ideas and inspiration you gave. I’m so glad that a new publication is starting called PaperNutz Magazine. I am a big paper piecer and this magazine will be put out by Paper Piecings by Nikki so I look forward to getting involved with it, but am sad to see you go.

  97. What an absolute bummer!! This has been my fave scrapbook mag since I started scrapbooking years ago. For quilting to be the new “it” in crafting makes me sad. Don’t get me wrong I love handmade quilts but it’s just not the same. :(

  98. Wow I have been buying your magazine by subscription or at the store for years. I am really sad as you are the best magazine out there. Please reconsider!

  99. I am completely heart-broken, I love this magazine the most and take it everywhere with me , I hope the website will still be available, otherwise, I will be absolutely deviated!! (8..(

  100. I cannot believe this! I subscribe to 2 scrapping magazines and recently decided to let the other one go when it comes up for renewal, but last summer I took advantage of a great price for a 3 year early renewal with this one. I thought that a Better Homes & Gardens publication would be a “safe” long-term subscription and I wouldn’t get bitten. Boy, was I wrong. This is really sad because this magazine is really, really good. Will Meredith/BHG be forwarding a refund for the 2+ years I will now not be receiving?

  101. I am so saddened to read this news today! Your magazine is my most favorite scrapbooking magazine. What a huge loss for the industry!!!

    I really hope that you are able to come back in one form or another.

  102. I am so sad to hear this. Your has been my favorite magazine all along. I found your perception of what readers were looking for better then all the others CK, Memory Makers, Simple Scrapbooks, Papercrafts, and on and on. You were by far the best magazine out there. Sad to see there are none left in existance.

  103. What a sad day. SBE is absolutely my FAVORITE magazine! It is, by far, the best scrapbooking magzine available and it will be sorely missed.

  104. What is the REAL reason for this? It certainly isn’t the industry. I think we ALL deserve the CHOICE to recieve a refund back for future issues that we will not get. Why are you doing this Better Homes and Garden?

  105. I am stunned and very sad. This magazine really brightened my day! I looked forward to getting it in my mail and dove right into it for new ideas. I will miss it very much. I am saving all of my old issues. :(

  106. What a bummer. I really enjoyed the magazine and found many projects I “scraplifted”. What a great loss to the scrapbooking world.

  107. I am very sad to hear this! My all time favorite & go to magazine ever! I have all the back issue saved. Please reconsider!!!!

  108. Really frustrated about this. Had signed up for a one-year subscription last month, got one issue, and will probably only get one or two more. Paid full price for the subscription. That was not a good investment, they had better be refunding my money… :( That’s also the last BH&G publication I will be ordering based on this – I understand business conditions, but I have to wonder how they didn’t know this a month ago when I subscribed…also don’t understand why they can’t publish as a digital magazine like Northridge does with it’s crafting magazines, to minimize their costs…

  109. Your magazine has been a favorite of mine and of our readers for years. You will be sorely missed!

  110. I am very frustrated by this. I subscribed to this magazine at the end of last year and still have not received a single issue in the mail. I do buy it at the newsstand when I can find it. I love this magazine but if they run their business so poorly I am not surprised. This is not a dying industry it is a growing industry. So I am not surprised. I am sad to see it go.

  111. I am very sad to hear that another great scrapbooking magazine is closing its doors! I have loved this magazine from day one . . . wishing you guys all the best with the new direction you must take.

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  114. This is very sad. I have been a subscriber for many years. I am also disappointed that Scrapbooks, etc. sent me a request as recent as last week, to renew my subscription, pay for one year get two year subscription. That is not a good business practice, since I am sure this decision has been in the making for a while now.

  115. BUMMER!! I love your magazine!! And so do all my scrapbookin friends!! We will miss you!

  116. How sad…my favourite scrapmagazine.

  117. It is so hard to believe that with scrapbooking still being such a Hugh thing, and I believe the trend will continue on for as long as people commentate their lives by taking pictures, that yet another scrapbook magazine is taking the fall and is having to close their doors. I have thouroughly enjoyed this magazine for many years and will be extremely sad to see it go.

  118. Something told me not to reup my subscription! Now I know why! I buy all my scrapbook mags off the rack with coupons and am glad that I do! I hope everyone will buy the scrapbook mags that are still publishing so that they dont gomout of buisness either! And I sure hope that everyone gets their money back!! Thats awlful that they let people subscribe even last week…just aweful!!!

  119. Totally Bummmmed!!!! I love love this magazine. This is the second time this happens to me.
    I just renewed for an additional 2yrs with a year left on my original subscription, an anniversary deal!!!! The check cleared yesterday, talk about timing??? I sure hope I get a refund, I went to the website and was able to send an email. I too, thought Better Homes and Garden would be a safe bet long term. I will buy magazines on the newstand from now on.
    Sad to see this happen, hope its not a glimpse of the future of scrapbooking.

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  121. Horrible….I just renewed for 2 years. I sure hope that they offer a refund or sell to another scrapbook magazine…..I sure don’t want any other type of magazine (funny, Scrapbook Answers done this and sold to Scrapbooks Ect, how I good hooked on buying and subscribing to it)

  122. I’m so very sad! Scrapbooks Etc. was my first scrap mag! I picked up a copy at my local library and was inspired to try a new hobby that I thought was out of my creative reach! I finished my first 8×8 album entirely scraplifting from that one issue! I will miss you terribly! I don’t quilt, I don’t sew, I scrap… so I guess you’ll not be getting any more of my business with your other ventures…. Really! quilting over scrapping…. NOT
    I’ll really miss you!

  123. Always loved this magazine!!! I forgot to renew my subscription in April and boy am I GLAD I did!!!! What happens to all of those who have paid?? I have to agree, something is amiss here as this is not a dying craft and with that many subscribers, something is wrong!!! I work in a craft store and scrapbooking is our #2 gross profit department. Tell us the truth about what is going on!

  124. That is some sad news. I love your magazine and it seems almost all the scrapbooking magazines are gone. So sorry to hear it.

  125. i will miss your publication. i found your magazine
    much more informative, fresh, and user friendly above all the others. dang, i looked forward to each and every issue. i was never a subscriber, but i bought every issue and the not often enough special issues. wish you could turn this decision around and continue! thanks for many wonderful years and issues.

  126. this is a horrible decision-we need to start a FB page to protest this! I can’t believe the one magazine that is different from all the others out there is ceasing!

  127. It just figures, I renew this subscription and forego my “other” scrapbook magazine to have this happen :( So sad to see this happen but hoping you fill the void with some other wonderful publication!

  128. I am so sorry to hear this news. This publication provided great inspiration and instructions for truly creative projects. As a scrapbooker I’m heart broken.

  129. Heartbroken over this news. Wondering why they just didn’t publish digitally – that surely would have saved money and I would definitely subscribe. Please reconsider!!!

  130. You will be so missed. We all love you so much!

  131. Wow, this is a total bummer. Your magazine has become my favorite, very disappointing news. :(

  132. Why in the world?!?!? It just doesn’t make sense! The best scrapbook magazine on the market. I canceled all other subcriptions once I found Scrapbook, etc. It’s the best. Your logic makes no sense to me. There are tons of quilting magazineS published so why add to an already overloaded market and delete from a deminishing one? I feel you are making a major marketing mistake and I hope you soon realize this. I buy no others and will not. BIG STUPID DECISION!!

  133. Sad, sad, sad. This is my favorite scrapbooking magazine. You will be missed. I wish you would reconsider.

  134. Once I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any means you possibly can take away me from that service? Thanks!

  135. I am very sad to hear this! I always enjoyed receiving this in my mailbox, and it was my fave magazine. I truly wish you would reconsider this decision. What is going to happen to our already paid subscriptions? Will we be refunded? Or will you just give us a subscription to a digital magazine? I know things are going digital nowadays, but it is still fun to take my SBE magazine with me and actually flip through the pages.

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  137. So sorry to hear this. This is my favorite go-to magazine and I have given it as a gift to several friends! You will be greatly missed!

  138. Very sad. This was a great magazine.

  139. Wow, so sorry to see this magazine going. I’ve been a subscriber for many, many years..ever since it started. The industry is in no way dying, so why this decision??? Thought that BHG was a better operation than most. I still have two years left on my most recent subscription…ugh!!!

  140. This is very sad, I have enjoyed Scrapbooks, Etc. for more than 10 years.

  141. Say it isn’t so:( None of the other scrapping publications measure up to the standard of your publicaton. I have been a long time subscriber and always look forward to receiving my copy each month. On the day it arrives, I read it from cover to cover. I get so many layout ideas, both traditional and digital from your magazine and “scraplift” several of them from each issue. The cancellation of your publication will leave a large void in the industry.

  142. Guess I am old school. I like the internet for many things, but I prefer print for several reasons. I can have a page open in front of me when following craft instructions. And with the price of toner, it is more economical to subscribe to a magazine that to print the same instructions from the internet using a color printer. Also like to take magazines on car trips for inspiration when I cannot work at the craft table. The first craft magazine I subscribed to was Simple Scrapbooks and now, too, Scrapbooks, Etc bites the dust.

    I hope that CK will pick up some readership and stay around awhile. And remind me to cancel my other Meredith magazines.

  143. Can’t believe it. This is definitely the best scrapbooking magazine around

  144. SOOOOOOOOOOO sad to see this magazine end!!!! Absolutely my favorite scrapbooking magazine!!!! Wish it wasn’t true.

  145. I hate to hear this. You are my favorite magazine. Bummer! So sad.

  146. I’m so disappointed. Scrapbooks etc. was the best scrapbooking magazine I ever found. They were always so much fun to look at. It was so exciting to have a magazine about my hobby but I guess I will have to find a different one. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and inspiration. Scrapbooks etc. will be missed.

  147. I’m mad! this is the 2nd scrapbook magazine that has done this!! first Memory Makers now this!

    you have loyal customers, who enjoy paper books in their hands! why close? its ridiculous!!!

  148. This is very sad news! I was a long-time subscriber until last year when I let my subscription run out. I haven’t scrapbooked much in the last 2 years and I was no longer reading the magazines that came in the mail (though I’ve kept them incase I want to someday). Scrapbooks, Etc. was my favorite scrapbooking magazine. I think the scrapbooking craze peaked a few years ago. I think the scrapbooking industry over saturated itself with too many products to choose from. I really wish the companies hadn’t done that because they took a nice family oriented hobby and turned it into big business. :(

  149. Shannon, there have been a lot more than two scrapbooking magazines that have closed down. Simple Scrapbooks, Paperkuts, Scrapbook Answers (which Scrapbooks, Etc. took over their subscribers), Memory Makers. I’m sure there’s more. I’ve been a scrapbooker for almost 14 years and there’s been a lot of magazines that have come and gone.

  150. Ivy Cottage, Simple Scrapbook, Memory Makers and now Scrapbooks etc. How very sad that we have come to this….

  151. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Say it ain’t so!! What will I do without your sketches and other fab ideas?? VERY sad news! You will be missed.

  152. [...] Paper Crafts magazine and our special issues are definitely about the “Etc.” so the news that Scrapbooks Etc. is ceasing publication definitely gave us a moment to pause and reflect. We may be entrenched in a competitive, [...]

  153. Is this why the challenges weren’t up to date and no one received the Pay It Forward prize? Sad news.

  154. I was super fun while it lasted and so sad to see it go!!!

  155. So sorry to see you go I love your magazine. What happens to our subscriptions I am paid up through September 2013? I also find it interesting that you are still selling subscriptions on your site and through emails.

  156. It’s just not right. Scrapbooks Etc. is the best scrapbooking magazine out there – and I had subscribed to a few. It’s just not right.

  157. This makes me so sad! Scrapbooks, Etc is my favorite magazine!

  158. as a new cricut user/ card maker, very sad and disappointing to see this magazine go…it was my idea go to magazine…..I dislike the ones from the UK :(

  159. My favorite magazine…going to miss it. :(

  160. Nooooo! This makes me so sad! SBE is my favorite print magazine (of any industry) and I look forward to seeing it in my mailbox. I always find inspiration in its pages. I will miss it very much.

  161. CRUSHED :–( well, being a subscriber from the very BEGINNING of SBE and having my store featured in one of their special publications i must say i AM DEVASTED to hear this! this has been by far the best scrpabook magazine on the market over the years. it is the only one i have kept a subbie too and have saved EVERY issue!!! WHO made that decision???? or excuse but should i say what moron???? someone that does not understnad scrapbooking is a hobby that will NEVER CEASE TO EXIST! it has existed in some form or another since photos came into play and before that journals, etc. were kept! it has evolved into quite a phenomenon over the years and has continued to get better and more honed to its ADDICTS!
    do they think people will just stop looking for ideas? SERIOUSLY????????????????????????????????????? AND QUIT SCRAPBOOKING ALL TOGETHER?????????????????? all scrapbookers that are going to just stop scrapbooking PERMANENTLY say aye……
    crickets chirping……chirp chirp chirp——————–SBE EXECUTIVES DO YOU HEAR THE CRICKETS CHIRPING?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what else is there to say except i guess scrapbook trends will get those 350,000 subscribers? and all the sales from the special publications.
    so sad i am sad to say that i am GENUINELY disappointed in the better homes and gardens FAMILY

  162. [...] Paper Crafts magazine and our special issues are definitely about the “Etc.” so the news that Scrapbooks Etc. is ceasing publication definitely gave us a moment to pause and reflect. We may be entrenched in a competitive, [...]

  163. This is so depressing, I love getting your magazines in the mail and I gain so much inspiration from them. what has happened to cause this?

  164. SOOOO sad to hear this- I’ve been a subscriber for ten years and you have been my all-time favorite magazine. you will be missed!!!!

  165. This is such a sad news. Scrapbooks, Etc. is the only crafting magazine I subscribe to. I personally think scrapbooking is the one craft that will continue to grow as people will always treasure their family pics and will continue want to preserve it. I will miss Scrapbooks, Etc. tremendously.

  166. This does not make me happy. I don’t understand, scrapbooking is a life long hobby and the industry continues to grow. I have two magazine subscriptions and both are for scrapbooking. What happens to the remainder of the subscription I have paid for?

  167. Saw the announcement last night but was hoping this morning that I had just imagined that the magazine was being discontinued – and so abruptly – but so sad this morning to find out it was not a dream! And no previous announcement or explanation to any of us! And no word yet on our refunds!?

  168. Such disappointing news. This is the only scrapbook magazine that seemed worthwhile–and I’ve kept every issue.

  169. Not good news! I have read every issue cover to cover several times and then I wait impatiently for the next one to come. Sad just plain SAD.

  170. So sad to hear and I’m sorry to say that I was only able to check out your magazines at the library. It is/was one of my favorites! I hope you will at least have a scrapbooking section in your new Make it Yourself magazine and maybe publish some books. Thank you for producing such a wonderful magazine!

  171. Wow! I am so very beyond disappointed by this horrible news! For years now Scrapbooks, etc. is the only scrapbook magazine that I am actually willing to pay for because of the superior quality.

    Now, after August there won’t be a scrapbook magazine out on the market that I will be able to purchase!

  172. I am sorry the end is near, maybe they can do ebooks?

  173. I am so very sad. SBE is the BEST scrapbook magazine anywhere. I have years worth of issues. Can’t bear to part with them. Bummed, ruined my day! Color me sad :(

  174. Yea i have been trying to get on the website to see what happens to my subscription and it says error….i subscribe to Cricut.com/Quick and Easy and Scrapbook Etc…how do i get a refund……?????????????

  175. Great, my day just got worse….thanks. I know it’s all about the $.

  176. While I am saddened to read this, I am PAID up until April 2015!! What happens to my money? I emailed them and haven’t received an answer.

  177. I am very sad to read this news. I am sure you all have a plan in place to return, reimburse, or give those of us that subscribe our funds back.

    I cannot believe how many obnoxious people are making rude comments about “them”. If you ever worked in the business world, you would understand that no one was trying to scam you to renew your subscription (they pay an outside company to handle that) and you have no clue what kind of subscription base it takes for a magazine to be PROFITABLE.

    People have lost jobs, and here go the hens thinking of themselves. I, for one as a subscriber, would like to thank the staff for all of the hard work they poured into Scrapbooks Etc. I wish them future success in their further endeavors.

  178. I am sad with this as well. I not only get the magazine but I also get it on my Nook! I wish they would keep it on Nook/Kindle format for us to see and print what we need. I have been with all the mags for years and they got smaller and smaller (even before the economy went bad) and more and more advertising and little content. I refuse to spend $10-$15 on a magazine like the Cricut one. For those of us asking what happens to our subscription we have left…they usually offer you an alternative magazine that they print. Ugh.

  179. Just heard today the news and I am deeply saddened to know that I won’t have your magazine to look forward to in the mail. Due to financial reasons, I let all other subscriptions go but I just couldn’t let this one go. You guys are the BEST! I have been a long time subscriber and you will be dearly missed.

  180. My mom has been buying me this subscription for over three years as a Christmas present- and I still have every copy! I use them over and over and am super excited when I get a new one in the mail. I will miss reading this magazine and sorry to see you go.

  181. Not again! This is the second scrap magazine that I’ve subscribed to that is closing down!! WHY is this happening?!?

  182. NOOOOOO!!!! Yours is the best scrapbooking magazine out there by far!!!! I am a subscriber and am sooo upset to hear this news! I will miss it!!! Thanks for making such a class-act magazine about Scrapbooking…I’ll hold onto my issues for sure! So Sad!!!!!!!

  183. Very, very sad news. I never thought I would see the day that this magazine folded.

  184. I am so very sad to hear that this publication is coming to an end.
    Your magazine has provided so much inspiration with every issue.
    I always looked forward to each issue delivered to my mail box.
    Hoping one day this magazine will make a comeback (Wishful thinking on my part). It is a very sad day for all scrapbookers, and paper crafters. Please know that this magazine and all the staff will truly be missed. Good Luck and please let us know of your future endeavors.

  185. I would like to address those of you who are referring to those of us wanting to know about our refunds/referring to “them” as “Obnoxious”. What is obnoxious is your comments. We as paying customers have every right to know what will happen to the money we paid in good faith. Yes, we feel bad for those who have lost jobs – of course! However, this is still as CORPORATION who made this decision, and they collected our money, and haven’t filed for bankruptcy, so…why shouldn’t we ask the question? This is not the most robust of economies right now, so why throw money away unwittingly? Had they been open and honest with me last month when I signed up for the subscription that they wouldn’t be producing for the full subscription period, I wouldn’t have signed up and would have just bought off the craft store magazine rack. And, I think it’s uncouth to be offered a subscription to BH&G, Family Circle, Ladies Home Journal, etc as a substitution – I have had these magazines in the past year, quickly lose interest in them, and have cancelled their renewals because they’re mostly unhelpful to me, unlike SBE. Bait and switch. I also make jewelry as a side hobby. If a customer made a prepayment for a piece, and then I decide I’m no longer profitable, am I off the hook for fulfilling my obligation and get to pocket the money paid for myself? I think not. That’s why so many of us are upset about this, not because we’re obnoxious, but probably because most of us would never “stick” others in this way. It concerns me that the corporation’s representatives have not only not responded to my email (over 48 hours ago), they haven’t offered any assurances on this site.

  186. Sorry to hear this news. Sorry that I subscribed thru April 2015! Please let us know how refunds will be handled.

  187. I’m surprised nobody has come on to allay subscriber fears, that’s not good. However, this being community they may not be as worried because its not stumbled across by the general public.
    I’d suggest that if their email continues to bounce, repeat your comment on their Facebook page. I’m certain that will earn a quick response to the issue of refunds, still accepting year-long subscriptions, and why they are dumping this title only to pour new resources and cash into the new fall magazine.
    Such a shame, with all the scrapbook mags closing someone will have a niche market. But then most s rap book stores I know are independents so can’t afford high advertising costs like other suppliers :(

  188. We are pleased to offer Better Homes and Gardens magazine to our former Scrapbooks, etc. customers. As a Scrapbooks, etc. subscriber, you’ll automatically begin receiving Better Homes and Gardens starting with the September issue. If you are already a Better Homes and Gardens subscriber, we’ll extend your subscription. In any case, you will receive the full value you paid for your Scrapbooks, etc. subscription. Any subscription questions should be directed here: sbecustserv@cdsfulfillment.com.

  189. As I stated in another forum, this is exactly why I do not ever subscribe to any magazine for longer than one year-no matter what deal is offered. This has happened to me before and the replacement given was a magazine that I had already subscribed to and had decided to pass on after that subscription expired. After having had some not great dealings with the parent company of BH&G, I make it a point to not ever buy or subscribe to any of their offerings. I wish those that have subscriptions the best and hope your dealings work out much better than mine did.

  190. @sbelindsay- Completely unacceptable substitution! I do not want BH&G. I signed up in good faith for SBE paying $14.97 for only 2 issues. I am routinely offered BH&G for $5.99 for 12 issues, but turn it down everytime. Why? I’ve had it in the past and it has no relevance to anything I like to do. In previous years it had outstanding decorating and gardening advice and tips. Now it does not, and is just like most of the other genera of other magazines offered by Meredith Corp. I want a refund. Have sent 2 emails to customer service already, I want a response along with a refund. Otherwise, I will be contacting the elected representatives of your state of incorporation and explain your inducement of a fraudulent sale, where I signed up last month, and undoubtedly you knew closing operations for this publication was on the table at a minimum.

  191. I am not Interested in B H & G. I subscribed to a scrapbook magazine. I think we should be given a choice of the magazine we want. I have no Interest in B H & G at all. Just refund my money.

  192. Very sad to hear you’re ending publication of Scrapbooks, Etc. magazine. If its a financial decision, which I’m assuming it is,, why not raise the price of the magazine? All other scrapbook magazines are priced higher and are still going. I would be very willing to pay more for your magazine.

  193. You need to take the subscription link off you website. It isn’t obvious on your homepage that you are ceasing production. It is misleading and just not right. I will miss this magazine a great deal, but you had been more Etc. than scrapbook lately.

  194. Myself if I had to get a magazine for the rest of my subscription I would prefer to choose it myself among all the ones you have available. I’m not keen on B H & G if I wanted that I would have already subscribed to it. Thanks but no thanks -my choice please or a refund

  195. A special thanks to all those people who worked so hard to make this wonderful publication. Many people will be very sad to see the end of Scrapbooks etc. Wishing all of you well in your future endeavors.

  196. Incredibly disappointed with this decision. Even more distressing though is the powers that be absolute disregard of those subscribers, including myself who have renewed and are now losing money–only to be handed a subscription to a magazine that we are not interested in receiving. Very badly done. And absolutely leaves a sour taste in my mouth.