Get to Know: Audrey Neal


1. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DESIGNING? I have been designing since 2007.

2. WERE YOU A SCRAPBOOKER BEFORE STARTING TO DESIGN? IF SO, HAVE YOU ALWAYS BEEN DIGITAL OR DID YOU TRANSITION FROM TRADITIONAL PAPER SCRAPPING? I was a scrapbooker before I started designing. I actually started as a paper scrapbooker and worked for a number of scrapbooking companies and magazines during that time. I started experimenting with hybrid techniques after seeing the work that Tia Bennett and CD Muckosky (among others) were doing. After that, I got a chance to write a book with May Flaum about hybrid scrapbooking, which was a lot of fun. Not long after the book came out, my family moved to a different city and a much smaller house, which prompted me to switch completely to digital scrapbooking.

 3. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE ITEMS TO DESIGN? I really enjoy making papers — something about the combination of patterns and colors really appeals to me. I also love making word art, too. I’ve been a quote collector for most of my life, so that just seems fitting.

4. HOW LONG DOES IT TYPICALLY TAKE YOU SO DESIGN A KIT? It really depends. If I’ve done a lot of the thinking and planning ahead of time, then I can sit down and crank out a kit in a few hours (with no interruptions). Usually, it takes me a handful of hours spread out over a few days, though — typically three or four.

5. WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR INSPIRATION SOURCES? Inspiration is everywhere — of course, Pinterest makes it really simple to find great color swatches or themes. A lot of times, I’m inspired by words or phrases and all of the associations that come along with them. Magazines ­­are a great source of inspiration, and so are CD covers — just music in general, actually.




Good Things designed by Audrey Neal

pen pals designed by Audrey Neal

Flatbread designed by Celeste Smith

Someday designed by Gennifer Bursett

This Love designed by Jennifer Hignite

belly button designed by Jennifer Peck

Inside her head designed by Shannon Dombkowski







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