April Photo Challenge: Darkness

This April, we’re challenging all our readers to see their lives and the world around them with a creative eye. Follow our photo prompts every day. Upload your photos to Facebook (/scrapbooksetcmagazine) or Twitter (@scrapbooksetc) and tag us in your photo/post so we can see! Visit our blog every day for inspiration, great photo tips, and to see pics from our staff.

Today’s photo challenge is a darkness. It’s hard to take good pictures in the dark! But there are a few tricks to making sure your pictures turn out every time, even when the lighting isn’t very good. Make sure your camera is steady. Since taking pictures at night uses a slower shutter speed, any movement of the camera will cause a blur. If you have a camera that allows you to change it’s settings, increase your ISO, which allows your camera to take in more light.

See my darkness picture below. It was taken out of my hotel window on a recent trip to California. You can make out the palm trees against the lighting from the building behind, giving an unexpected picture of a typical photo opp.



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