Advice from Lisa and Becky

Our friends Lisa Truesdell (see her blog here) and Becky Novacek (see her website here) came to visit us in the office today. We got to pick their brains about scrapbooking trends, photography, and Project Life. See what we learned!

Project Life:

Lisa has been doing Project Life since 2011 (you may remember Lisa’s album from our February issue!) She takes a week-by-week approach, picking photos and journaling about moments that made up each week.

On planning out pages too much: “Shove it in and move on.” If you overthink your pages, it’s easy to get behind. And don’t worry about making mistakes or going back to embellish–you have plenty of other days to make up for it.

On getting behind: “If you’re behind, just start at the current week.” She says working on your current week will get you inspired to go back to previous weeks and catch-up.

And if you can’t catch up? “I don’t think it has to be all or nothing.” Lisa is missing 11 weeks from her 2011 album. Don’t worry about missing a few days here and there. Project Life is whatever you make it.

When you need more ideas: Have an empty page you just can’t fill? Lisa recommends digging through your recycling. Mail, the newspaper, and even cereal boxes are easy fillers on a page. If all else fails, journal about the week.

On including the family: Lisa gives her children and husband journaling cards. She also steals pictures from her husband’s Facebook. It gives a different perspective in the album and can help you keep up with moments you just couldn’t capture.


Becky is an amazing photographer, who takes pictures for weddings, newborns, senior photos, etc.

On the technique you should be trying: “I love doing the hip or no-look shots.” Becky suggests snapping shots without looking or at hip level. It gives a different angle, a different perspective, and can sometimes yield really great candid shots.

How she organizes photos: Becky has seasonal folders for each year, as well as one for each of her grandchildren on her computer. When she takes pictures, she simply drops the photos in the correct folders. That way, she can easily find the photo she’s looking for.

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