April Photo Challenge: Family/Friends

This April, we’re challenging all our readers to see their lives and the world around them with a creative eye. Follow our photo prompts every day. Upload your photos to Facebook (/scrapbooksetcmagazine) or Twitter (@scrapbooksetc) and tag us in your photo/post so we can see! Visit our blog every day for inspiration, great photo tips, and to see pics from our staff.

Today’s photo challenge is family/friends. Many times, family and friends are why we start scrapbooking–and why we keep scrapbooking. Taking photos of your loved ones (whether it’s a special occasion or just a normal Tuesday), is what inspires many of our pages.

See the picture I took below for my family/friends challenge. I have millions of pictures of my best friend and I, so I wanted to represent our friendship in a different way. We went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant and both ordered the exact same meal and exact same drinks. I took a picture of our food to show how alike we are.




Keep following along with us with these daily photo prompts!


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  1. I am so excited! I just found this blog! Being a blogger myself, I can’t wait to read all the past post!!