April Photo Challenge: Dinner

This April, we’re challenging all our readers to see their lives and the world around them with a creative eye. Follow our photo prompts every day. Upload your photos to Facebook (/scrapbooksetcmagazine) or Twitter (@scrapbooksetc) and tag us in your photo/post so we can see! Visit our blog every day for inspiration, great photo tips, and to see pics from our staff.

Today’s photo challenge is dinner.¬†Many of us only remember to document the big events in our life — the weddings, vacations, and birthdays. But what about all the other moments that make up our lives? The things we consider “ordinary” are perfect ways to document our true lives and selves. Something as small as what you made for dinner shows a lot about who you are.

See the picture I took below for my dinner challenge. I live alone, so my dinners are never anything impressive. Instead of highlighting a small dish of casserole, I took a picture of the oven while I was cooking. It’s a creative way to show what went into a meal.


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