April Photo Challenge: Black and White

This April, we’re challenging all our readers to see their lives and the world around them with a creative eye. Follow our photo prompts every day. Upload your photos to Facebook (/scrapbooksetcmagazine) or Twitter (@scrapbooksetc) and tag us in your photo/post so we can see! Visit our blog every day for inspiration, great photo tips, and to see pics from our staff.

Today’s photo challenge is black and white. Many times we think we can’t use a photo, because the colors don’t match our layout or they are distracting to the overall look we’re trying to achieve. Shooting in black and white can solve these problems. Not only will the photo match any layout and color, but it adds an unexpected pop to your projects. If your camera doesn’t shoot in black and white, see our tips for using editing software to transform your pics here.

See the picture I took below for my black and white challenge. I just bought a new lamp that I love, but the color clashes with my neon yellow table. By turning my camera setting to black and white, I was able to take a beautiful shot of the lamp. By turning the lamp’s light on, I got nice contrast and shadow to the picture to give it dimension.



Keep following along with us with these daily photo prompts!



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2 Responses to “April Photo Challenge: Black and White”

  1. I love the ideas of your photo challenges for each day. I need to get going.

  2. I love taking B&W photos! Took some today of my roses that are blooming.