Paper Piecing Championship

It was a tough battle, but these two paper-piecing competitors fought their way to the top with the help of your votes. Vote for the paper piecing you think deserves the title of “Best Paper Piecing.” Voting ends at midnight on March 28. If we get more than 50 votes, we’ll release two exclusive paper piecing patterns for our fans the next day!


Here are the final two piecings!

Download the suitcase paper piecing here.

See more travel paper piecings here.



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63 Responses to “Paper Piecing Championship”

  1. Definitely, the suitcase! :)

  2. I vote for the butterfly paper piecing

  3. I really like the suitcase, but I would really would like to see the mechanics of the butterfly! Butterfly gets my vote!

  4. The suitcase

  5. Has to be the butterfly :D

  6. Suitcase!

  7. Suitcase!!

  8. Suitcase!

  9. The butterfly is cute, the suitcase is getting my vote today

  10. I love the suitcase.

  11. Suitcase #1 Vote for me!!! It could be very versatile, with male and female scrapbook pages. Great for travel, sleepover with Grandma, back to school, as a briefcase, insurance salesman, Avon salesperson tote, honeymoon page, plus use 2 (back-to-back) and it becomes an OPEN suitcase and the possibilities are endless!

  12. Suitcase–so cute!!!!!

  13. The suitcase!!

  14. Suitcase!!!!!!!! I made this for a travel scrapbook & it is super cute!

  15. Suitcase :)

  16. Butterfly because it’s 3D!

  17. Suitcase!

  18. The suitcase. It’s the only one I downloaded!

  19. Butterfly!

  20. Fluuterby

  21. Butterfly!!!!!

  22. The Suitcase

  23. Suitcase

  24. The suitcase – I love it!

  25. Love, love, love the butterfly!

  26. Butterfly get’s my vote

  27. I love them both but my vote is for the butterfly!

  28. Love them both but with spring outside I have to go with the butterfly!

  29. suitcase!!!

  30. Suitcase!!!

  31. Love them both but I am a butterfly girl!

  32. Butterfly

  33. the suitcase !

  34. I vote for the butterfly!

  35. Suitcase!

  36. Suitcase!

  37. The suitcase!

  38. My vote goes to the suitcase! Love it!

  39. Suitcase.

  40. The suitcase!!!!

  41. Suitcase.

  42. the suitcase!

  43. I like to scrap vacations, so I’m voting suitcase! Very cute!

  44. I’m voting for the suitcase. Awesome!!!

  45. The butterfly, for sure.

  46. my vote is for the suitcase.

  47. I love the butterfly, but am voting for the suitcase. It has so many possible uses.

  48. suitcase!!

  49. The butterfly, hands down!

  50. Butterflly!

  51. I love butterflies, but I’m going to have to go with the suitcase on this one. It is very clever and quite versatile. Nicely done!

  52. Hands down…the suitcase.

  53. As much as I love butterflies, I have to vote for the suitcase.

  54. The butterfly!

  55. Suitcase!!!

  56. They are both so cute, but I think my vote goes to the Suitcase.

  57. Butterfly!!!

  58. The suitcase – so cute!

  59. Love the butterfly!!

  60. Suitcase

  61. I vote for the butterfly, so nice

  62. eeeekkk! I like them both! But by reading the comments I saw the one that told how to make the suitcase “open”..way kewl !! Suitcase gets my vote!

  63. The suitcase! I love the details on it and the idea is original.