Elite 8 Paper Piecings: Round 3

This March, we’re pushing basketball tournaments aside and are putting our favorite paper piecings in the ultimate match-ups. Our top 16 paper piecings will go head-to-head for the title of “Best Piecing.” And they need your votes!! Come to our blog every weekday to see who’s competing and to cast your vote.

Download the tournament bracket here to keep up with the competition. The current tournament bracket is below!



Here are our next two piecings!


Cast your votes in the comment section below. We’ll reveal the winner on Monday!

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24 Responses to “Elite 8 Paper Piecings: Round 3”

  1. I love butterflies!

  2. Oh, this is a tough one. I love the owl but I am going to vote for the butterfly. I can see me using the butterfly pattern over and over again.

  3. Both are spectacular but my vote goes to the butterfly!

  4. butterfly

  5. Butterfly for sure. Don’t really care much for owls.

  6. I’m thinking the butterfly.

  7. Butterfly

  8. Dang!!! OK…I will be going with the OWL!!!! Love the bfly…but..you really dont see owls that much …so…OWL!!!

  9. both are cute…. but I will vote for the owl.

  10. Definitely the butterfly!! Owl is cute but I’d never use it.

  11. gotta give it to the butterfly

  12. The butterfly for sure!

  13. I have to go for the owl.

  14. I love the butterfly

  15. Butterfly fly fly away.

  16. Owl!

  17. OWL!!!

  18. Owl!!!!

  19. Owl

  20. Owl!

  21. owl for me!

  22. Sorry Owl. You are very pretty but I am a butterfly girl!!

  23. Owl!!

  24. Now this is a tough one. I can honestly say that I cannot decide!