Project Life: Printing Pics


One of my biggest challenges with keeping up with my Project Life is printing pictures. I don’t own a photo printer and refuse to make daily trips to Walgreens to print out a few of my latest snapshots. I also settled on using mostly wallet-size photos, which can be expensive to print and wasteful, since they print four of the same photo to fit on a 4×6″ print.

Thankfully, I found this awesome tutorial on Ali Edwards’ blog about using Photoshop to print multiple images on a 4×6″ print. She gives great step-by-step instructions for printing two 3×4″ images on one print. I altered her instructions to fit four 2×3″ images on one print (as shown above).

Not only has this saved me tons of money in printing, but it lets me see how my pictures look next to each other, so I can decide which prints to use.

What are your printing challenges with Project Life? What great tips and techniques are you using?


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3 Responses to “Project Life: Printing Pics”

  1. OMGosh! I did not see Ali’s tutorial on this but am so thankful you did and you posted about it and Scrapbooks etc FB posted about it(your post here)! This is my biggest challenge. The picture part. What a lifesaver for my PL!! Thank you so much!!

  2. This is really good. You can show your entire day in four pictures and jut name it as a date.

  3. If you’re using an iPhone for your daily pictures there are apps that make collages straight from your camera roll. I use them on days when we have a lot going on.