Use Up Letter Stickers

We all have those letter stickers that we never use– the ones that will get tossed when we’ve used all the common letters up. Instead of throwing them out, though, try using them to make create fun accents. On this page, leftover letters become loopy flowers. But the possibilities are endless. Use capital Bs as butterfly wings or mirror capital Ds to create a ladybug’s body.

See how to make the flowers here:

1. Punch of cut a small cardstock circle.

2. Cut an “o” sticker at one end (although experiment with Qs, Cs, or Ps). Overlap and adhere the snipped ends to each other to create a petal.

3. Layer several petals around the cardstock circle. Then finish the accent with a button.

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6 Responses to “Use Up Letter Stickers”

  1. Fabulous idea!!

  2. Excellent!!! Please give us more ideas.

  3. I have a whole box of letters. I just knew someone would come up with a great idea like this one!

  4. Those letters are one of those things that you save for a century and find out about a cool idea like this once you finally get rid of them

  5. This is cute! I did something similar with bubbles once upon a time, using lots of 8s and qs etc. It was lots of fun, thanks for the reminder!

  6. What a great idea!