Our February Cover Stars

Have you seen both of our February covers? I can’t decide which one I love more (which might account for why we decided to run two—collect them all!). The first features a super cute owl valentine by Valerie Salmon, which you can also see on page 21 of the magazine:

The second showcases a beautiful project from Jenifer Harkin that you can also see on page 46 of the magazine:

Isn’t it yummy? You can find more of Jen’s work on the Jillibean Soup blog,  “Bean Talk”. My current favorite of her projects is this cute baker’s twine snowman (toward the end of the post)!


So if you haven’t picked up the February copy of Scrapbooks etc. yet, be on the lookout for these covers! Have a good weekend!

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14 Responses to “Our February Cover Stars”

  1. My favorite is the beautiful heart! It’s filled with so many lovely colors and textures… great project!

  2. Spools! i am crazy for Spools right now

  3. Love the second cover showcasing Jennifer Harkin’s project……different and innovative!

  4. My favorite is the beautiful heart filled with spools, how fun. TFS

  5. I didn’t realize there were more than one cover. I got the one with the owl and that’s the only one I’ve seen in stores. They are both cute. the spools are sooooo cute!

  6. The owl definitely had me grabbing for this issue, so the one at the top was my favorite.

  7. I adore the owl – I’d grab that magazine cover immediately! So eye catching!

  8. I am in love with the owl cover. He is just too darn cute. Who could resist those eyes!

  9. Love the heart, but I got the owl

  10. Definitely the owl!! It’s soo cute!!!

  11. Love the owl cover! So cute and paper piecing is so in and fun and easy to do!
    xoxo, Christine

  12. The owl is super cute but the heart so sweet and artistic!

  13. I am LOVING the owl! xx :)

  14. “Owl be your Valentine”! sooooo adorable! :) I like it more than the heart cover, although both are great.