Sort Your Embellishments

Organizing embellishments is a sticky situation. Here are our top 13 tips for corralling your accents.

Sorting Styles

• Sort embellishments by type—stickers, rub-ons, chipboard, or flowers—and group each type together.

• Sort stickers and rub-ons into two categories: letters and everything else. It makes spelling title words so much faster!

• If you like to see what supplies you have on hand, consider placing each group of embellishments in a pretty basket or see-through tub that can be labeled and stored in a closet.

• Partially used packages of embellishments can be bulky. Discard packaging and punch holes in sheets for storing in a binder or hang them from a clip system.

• Keep a basket with your favorite embellishments in it. Clean it out about once a month to make sure it doesn’t get too full.

• Plastic tackle boxes can help tame a pile of chipboard. The small compartments are great for separating and organizing pieces.

• Use boxes, baskets, or jars to wrangle buttons, metal accents, chipboard, and ribbon.

• Store your buttons and flowers in glass containers displayed on a shelf so you can see all of them.

• Keep small embellishments in magnetic tins. Hang metal sheets on the wall to attach magnetic tins and keep them orderly and accessible.

• Hang often-used embellishments, such as your favorite letter stickers, from pegboard using hooks.

• Organize embellishments out of sight in three-ring binders. Label each binder and slip sheets of stickers or other embellishments into top-loading page protectors.

• Use a small plastic storage box, such as a tackle box or weekly pill holder, to sort tiny brads, gems, and epoxy accents.

• Display pretty items like ribbon, felt shapes, and colorful brads. Put the rest into drawers so you don’t have to look at it until you need it.


See how to sort your tools here. 

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  1. I adore the pic of the pillholders with the eyelet shapes actually fastened to it! I will do this with my pillholders that I use for mine! I got a bunch of free ones at a womens fair a few years ago, this is a great idea! THANK YOU!