Project Life: Inspiration

A group of us in the office are starting Becky Higgins’ Project Life, a way to document your life creatively. Along the way, we’ll share our struggles, our ideas, our projects, and any tips we have! We’d love for all our readers to join in to.

If you plan to join, but aren’t sure how to get started, here’s some inspiration from other Project Lifers!


Here’s info from Becky Higgins on getting started.

And on keeping the process simple.

Here are some other blog posts about diving into Project Life.


What other questions and struggles are you having with getting started? We’d love to help.



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12 Responses to “Project Life: Inspiration”

  1. I just started my Project Life this year

  2. Project Life was my ONLY purchase on Black Friday… and still have not started. I think I will start with 2012! ; )

  3. I started the 365 project this year after being inspired by your artical. I joined the group online and have started a scrap album too. I looked at Becky’s wonderful books and journal tag stuff (Amazon is offering it) – but the shipping to Hawaii is more than the cost of the kit! So I bought an “old fashioned” album with 4×6 slots and am doing everything myself. My vow: to use only scraps and not buy anything specific for this project. I can do it! The hardest part: taking a picture every day! Thanks for the inspiration! I’m sure I will thank you again for helping to keep me going…. :)

  4. Count me in. I’m going for it!

  5. Thanks for including The Mom Creative in your links. Check out my blog for a free printable on 100 extra bits of life you can add to your Project Life album.

  6. This is year #2 for me. My husband HAS ASKEDwhat happens if I live to be 100 & do it every year? (I say, the greatgrandkids will have a lot to entertain them!) A tip …. EVERYTIME I go to the hardware store, I pick up a few paint sample cards. The selection of colors is wide, the thickness GREAT for punches, borders, accents …..and free

  7. I have played along with Becky’s Project Life since its “birth” – I LOVE the idea! This year, my g/f’s and I are doing PL together as a way to not only document our everyday lives, but also to share more about ourselves and our lives with one another. We are looking forward to a fantastic, bonding year! :-)

    Thank you so much to Becky for her inspiration and to you all for putting this all together to further inspire us all! :)
    Doreen at

  8. Keeping up has been my biggest challenge, but after two years of tackling Project Life, I think I have it down this year and have put in place many changes to make sure I am successful. The biggest change is to post my finished layouts to my blog weekly instead of just posting my daily photos weekly!

  9. I love Project Life!

  10. I’ve heard about Project Life, but I didn’t really try it yet. These links really help!

  11. I just discovered PL last month on Pinterest and I am impressed and very intrigued! I am thinking about maybe starting someday, albeit very simple. My thought is this: I am a 49 yr old single mom of 3 grown children, (no grandchildren), but I do have 5 very loved and spoiled furbabies! I’m not quite sure what I’d document! Are there any forums or groups that might have people around my age and in the same (or almost the same) life situation as I am?

  12. [...] See my current project below. I’ve been working on my Project Life since January. I usually set aside three days a month to catch up with all my pages and edit pictures. Want to get involved in Project Life? It’s never too late to start! See our inspiration here! [...]