Sort Your Tools

Finding the right tool when you need it is a key function of an organized scrapbook space. Read on for 12 tips for keeping your tools in check.

Sorting Styles

• Find a drawer adjacent to your work space and use drawer dividers to keep each tool in its spot.

• Designate specific spots for tools on pegboard. Hang containers for adhesive, writing utensils, and other small tools; suspend scissors and hand punches from metal hooks or brackets.

• “I like my most-used tools to be visible and within reach, so I use a tool tote on my desk.” —Contributing Editor Polly Maly


Stamps and Inks

• Store ink pads in a cassette tape or CD case holder or on a wire organizer.

• Slip stamps in a hanging shoe organizer and store them in a closet.

• Have a lot of wood-mounted stamps? Place them in a single layer in a drawer.


Die-cutting Tools

• If your die-cutting tool includes a mat, thread a ribbon through the top and hang it from a decorative hook above the
die-cutting tool.

• Store your die-cutting tool on top of a rolling cabinet or cart and keep the accessories below.

• Stash dies or cartridges in decorative baskets or binders with divided page protectors to hold each die or cartridge.



• Place punches on shallow shelves or in shallow drawers so it’s easy to see all of them at a glance.

• Tuck punches away in sturdy tubs decorated with punched cardstock identifying the tools inside.

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4 Responses to “Sort Your Tools”

  1. I have a wire serving cart set up with 3 shelves. I use this as my “working” scrapbook carryall. This holds all the papers, blank pages in a file older diver rack, mics adhesives in a hanging basket on the side, the current project photos in another divider, and other supplies.
    The second self has the beginnings of my next project with the pages, and covers. I also have a small side table with a “clip it up” rack holding all the assorted clip art, die cutouts, stickers, etc., buttons, brads, ….

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  3. I use drawers and storage boxes mostly. I have a tacklebox-like tote for brads, buttons, and other small embellishments, and my papers are stored in leftover boxes from kits. I have a couple baskets, and a jar full of colorful ribbon scraps on my workspace, just to keep things a little pretty, and I’m working on getting a corkboard to put above my space to keep ideas, and inspiration. My punches are loose in a shallow top drawer, and easy to get to. All the small punches are grouped together in a drawer organizer. The biggest thing I need to get more organized would be an acrylic stamp binder… I have way too many smaller acrylic stamps just hiding in boxes to go digging through every time I want to use one on a layout!

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