Sort Your Paper

The most basic scrapping supply is also one of the largest, which means valuable space gets eaten up by stacks of this staple. Read on for 16 tips for tackling your piles of paper.

Vertical vs. Horizontal Storage

Want to store your paper vertically?

Use magazine-style paper sorters.

Fill a large filing cabinet with hanging folders for stashing paper.

Adapt a rolling tote or large crate as paper storage.


Need horizontal storage solutions?

Look for stackable paper trays to keep in your scrap space or tuck away in a closet, such as the stackable open paper trays.

Repurpose shelves that are more than 12″ deep for stacks of paper. Just make sure the shelves are out of direct sunlight so your paper doesn’t fade.

Use a plastic bin that fits 12×12″ paper and dividers.


Sorting Styles

Think about how you scrapbook. Do you typically:

–Have a specific color scheme in mind? You should sort by color.

–Scrap mostly events? Consider sorting by theme.

–Identify paper by manufacturer? Keep entire collections together.


Sorting by color makes it easy to find the perfect paper to coordinate with a photo, but it can get tricky with multicolor patterns. Create a separate category for these sheets to eliminate anxiety over paper sorting.


If you’re primarily an event scrapper, sorting by theme makes it easy to find paper for your pages. This method isn’t as efficient when you’re working on nontheme pages, so consider sorting everyday patterns—dots, stripes, and florals—by color.


If you’re constantly visiting manufacturer websites and know just by the look who made what pattern, sorting by manufacturer may be the method for you. This allows you to keep entire collections together—but it can be overwhelming if you’re looking for a specific color or theme.



Purchase a large, transparent envelope, such as the Cropper Hopper Scraps Storage, above, or an accordion folder, to organize scraps by size or color.

Store scraps in a clear tub, large drawer, or bin.

Create and stick to a size restriction. Don’t keep scraps smaller than 2×2″ unless they are from a truly precious paper that you are certain you will use again.

Every few months, go through your scraps and recycle those that you know you won’t use. Putting time between using that pretty sheet of patterned paper and deciding what to do with it makes it easier to place the remnants in the recycling bin.

Purchase inexpensive magazine holders. Label each holder by color and tuck your scraps into it. Store the scraps by your (organized) paper so you aren’t tempted to grab a full sheet.

“I have a wicker crate where I keep my favorite papers, sorted by manufacturer. It’s not all the paper I have, just my current faves that inspire me and that I plan to use in the near future.”—Contributing Editor Polly Maly


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3 Responses to “Sort Your Paper”

  1. Awesome!!! I 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock stored in a filing cabinet with the scraps stored with it in file folders. For my 12×12 i have them stored in Cropper Hopper upright plastic bin!!! Love it!!! As for my scraps, I don’t keep anything less than 2×2 but it put them all together in a baggie and donate them to the daycare that my son goes to!!! They really appreciate the added FUN papers!!!!

  2. I have 2 storage containers. I large wicker box that holds my large scraps of paper. In that box I have Plastic gallon bags that are divided by color. Then on my craft desk I have a small basket that holders my smaller scraps by color divided in sandwich bags.
    I go through them once a year. I don’t keep anything under 2×2 unless it is a must have paper. I try to go to my small basket and large scrap basket 1st when making my cards.

  3. çok güzel… very beautuful..