Digital Organization Software

Digital organization software can be a great tool for wrangling digital pics. When choosing software, look for these beneficial features.


  • Tagging. Tagging means attaching additional information to the image to make searching easier. Being able to add custom search features, like “Uncle Rob,” to your photos is a major time-saver.
  • Sorting. If you choose to upload photos into folders by event or subject, it’s nice to have software that can sort by date as well.
  • Editing. It’s a great time-saver to be able to remove red-eye on the spot when uploading photos.
  • Backup features. Many programs will allow you to backup your photos onto DVDs or CDs at the touch of a button. This convenience leaves little excuse for slacking on backing up.
  • Ratings system. You may be able to rate your photos (think three out of four stars). This is a great way to find your very best photos quickly.
  • Online albums. Some software allows you to create online photo albums and e-mail them to others. This makes sharing your photos with family and friends a snap!

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