Digital Storage and Backup

We don’t need to tell you that photos are priceless. Keep them safe for computer theft or failure by storing and backing up your files with these tips.

  • Keep an original file in one place and a copy of that file in another. Only store photos in folders on your computer temporarily, or you’ll have no backup if your hard drive fails.
  • Burning photos onto a CD or DVD is a great way to back them up–and it allows you to easily store photos in a separate location. Discs can be stored in fireproof sages, lockboxes, and special archival storage boxes. Bonus tip: Burning to disc is one of the more economical backup methods.
  • Back up photos on an external drive, and keep the originals on the internal hard drive or consider alternate storage space. Just don’t keep your external hard drive and computer in the same place–in the event of theft of fire, having them together won’t save your photos.
  • If remembering to back up regularly is too much, purchase a program that automatically encrypts and sends files from your computer to a server at an off-site location.
  • Several online sites offer photo storage. Not only can you order prints from these online retailers, but they also store your files remotely.
  • If you use an online storage site for backup, choose a site that doesn’t resize or compress your pictures.
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