Store Your Prints

After you sort through all your photos, it’s time to store them for easy access. Here are our best tips for storage ideas.

  • No matter what storage method you choose, look for products that are archival and photo safe–otherwise the quality of your prints will deteriorate over time.
  • Remove prints from photo-processing envelopes–they’re often not acid-free and can damage photos–and place them in photo envelopes instead.
  • Place your prints in photo boxes and sort them with dividers. This makes it easy to flip through photos.
  • Divided page protectors offer the option of storing several photos in one protector. Keep these in scrapbook albums or store them separately.
  • Photo albums are a great way to store and display photo at the same time. Photos in albums are safe from fingerprints and stay organized.
  • Make sure to store your photos in a temperate place that isn’t damp or too hot or cold.
Learn how to organize and label your pics here. 

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  1. That is my biggest problem at the moment!!!! MY photos!!!!!

  2. Where did you find these cute little hinged photo boxes???