Sort and Label Prints

Prints can pile up quickly. Turn to these tips to help wrangle your collection.

Split your prints into three piles: give, toss, and keep.

  • Give: Duplicates can go to family and friends.
  • Toss: If a photo doesn’t tell a story or spark an emotion, throw it out.
  • Keep: Organize this pile once you’ve sorts your stash.

Sort the photos you want to keep by date, people, or event. Think about how you’ll be looking for them later and sort in that style.

Minimize mess by sorting one album or box of photos at a time. Use clear plastic tubs to hold your piles so you can just slip the lid on them and tuck them away at quitting time.

Label your photos as you sort. Depending on your sorting method, labeling could be as easy as using:

  • Dividers: Add the dates and place them between photos.
  • Photo-safe envelopes: Label them and use to store piles.
  • Photo-safe pens: Mark the back of each photo with relevant information.

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7 Responses to “Sort and Label Prints”

  1. Great post! I print as I go now, so it’s not an issue for me anymore. But, when I used to have boxes, I used cut up index cards as dividers. Worked really well!

  2. I’ve used my duplicate family photos to make individual scrapbooks for my sons. They grow up and run off in different directions – but I’ve got that covered by giving each of them their own “duplicate” scrapbooks. :)

    I also have used those photos that don’t envoke a story or emotion as decorations for other things, like cards. A photo of a plain ole’ beach works great for cards.

  3. Love this! I have so many photos not organized, I stopped printing pics a few years ago until I get it all together. To this date, they’re still unorganized. Time is what I need, and other ideas. I love the ‘if it doesn’t spark an emotion, etc’ idea. Wish I could find some other scrappers in our area, I really need inspiration/experience.

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  6. I love scrapbooking but have difficulty finding time ro scrap photos from previous or current years. I want to scrapbook all the special events but my scrapbook time available is very limited. In the meantime my unscrapped pile is growing. Any suggestions or ideas on how to get alot of photos scrapped in a short period of time. I appreciate any tips anyone is willing to share.

  7. Celeste, try scrapbooking a month at a time. Pick all the key events from one month and print out a photo collage of those pics. Add journaling captions with dates or memories of the events. You can do one or two scrapbook pages for each month until you catch up to the present. If there’s a big event that deserves more than one picture, give it a whole page to itself. –Lindsay, Scrapbooks Etc. Web Editor