Snow Much Fun

SOURCES Stacking boxes, glass dome, patterned paper, mica, trim, stacking boxes, gems, crepe paper: Melissa Frances. Design: Carolyn Peeler.

Have you seen the pretty project at the beginning of our “Snow Much Fun” story? The talented Carolyn Peeler made it for us, and I love how ethereal it looks.

The project is fairly simple to make. Cover two stacking boxes with patterned paper and adhere the smaller atop the larger. For the rosette, accordion fold a strip of patterned paper and attach the ends before flattening into a circle. Add a gem or brooch accent to the center, then brush the edges with liquid adhesive and sprinkle mica on them. Set aside to dry before attaching it to the larger box.

Add trim to the top of the top box and fringed crepe paper to the bottom. Adhere mica to the boxes wherever you want more shimmer.

Sculpt a  2 3/4” tall snowman from white clay, such as Crayola Air-Dry Clay. When the snowman is dry, paint the eyes, nose, etc. as needed. Adhere the snowman to top of box., and add mica or glitter for shine. Then place a glass glass dome over the top of snowman.

I think I might have to make one for myself. It looks—forgive me—snow much fun!

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