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In our February issue, we show you how to make your own project planner. But if you’ve got a smart phone, there are lots of apps available to help you plan on the go. Then when you sit down to scrap, you already have plans, and journaling ready to go! Here are some of my favorites:



Bento is somewhat like a customizable database you can put on your phone, which makes sense, since it’s from the good folks at Filemaker. I use this to track all of my scrapping and crafting projects. When I decide to make something I plug it into my “Craft Projects” list, which has fields that list the projects’ craft (such as scrapbooking or knitting), the supplies I need, what stage the project is in, and when it’s due. It’s great for when I’m at the scrapbook or craft store and can’t remember what I need to finish a project, or when I get an idea while I’m waiting in line somewhere.



The marketing slogan for Evernote is, “Remember everything,” and it is similar to a searchable notebook.  I love it for keeping notes on things I want to scrapbook later—either the idea for the project or journaling for it, from the way I was feeling about a particular event to a great quote I want to use later. Just jot down a thought, and Evernote saves it by the date. You can also add tags or photos. So you can take photos with your phone, then add journaling in Evernote and search for it later when you’re ready to put your scrapbook page together!



Flava helps you save photos, notes, links, voice recordings, and even locations together by date. It would be awesome for recording a trip—you can plug in a location, take a photo and journal your memories at one, then you’re ready to scrap them all when you get home!



I love Momento for recording journaling on the go. It s another one that lets you add photos, tags, and locations, but my favorite part about it is it can collect your social media posts, such as Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare. I used this for my 2011 Week in the Life album, and I loved how easy it was to just go to a particular day and see all my journaling and social media posts in one place. It makes for a fun snapshot of your life!


Those are the apps I use for organizing my scrapbooking. How about the rest of you?

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