How to Sell at a Crafts Fair

It’s our favorite time of year–Crafts Fair time! If you’re planning on taking your crafts from a hobby to a way to make income, there are a few things you need to know before setting up shop. Here is SBE’s guide to selling your handmades at a crafts fair.


1. Research. Do a little background check on your crafts fair. Who typically attends the show (ages, genders), how many people turn out, and how much will it cost to exhibit there? This info will let you know if your product will sell, how much of your product you should bring, and how much you need to sell to break even.

2. Price it. When you’re pricing your items, make sure that you’re getting back more than you spent on the craft. Yes, cheaper items do sell better, but you need to cover the cost of entering the crafts fair, too. Make sure all pricing is visible and each item is labeled clearly. Items that could get dirty, such as cards, should be slipped into clear cellophane bags. Put a price sticker on the bag so it doesn’t ruin the craft.

3. Bring a buddy. Crafts fairs can be long and, at some times, slow. Bring a friend to talk with during the event, help with customers, and watch the table during bathroom breaks.

4. Show off. Bring a few crafts to work on while you’re manning the table.¬†Customers love seeing you do your work. It lends authenticity to your crafts and encourages them to ask questions about your products.

5. Get creative.¬†Help your work stand out in a crowd with a pretty display. Although it’s tempting to lay all your items flat on the table, it makes your crafts hard to see from across the room. Display your crafts in a natural setting. For instance, if you’re selling jewelry, display items on decorated mannequin heads. If you’re selling Christmas cards, try hanging them from a Christmas tree or as a garland across your table.

6. Collect contacts. Build a customer base while you’re at the crafts show. Have an e-mail sign-up list or have a place for shoppers to drop business cards. Then you can e-mail them product updates and news about where else you’ll be selling.

7. Promote yourself. Have your business cards available or attach your contact information to each purchase. A simple phone number or e-mail will give shoppers easy access to your products after the fair is over, which can lead to more purchases. It also gives those shoppers who don’t want to buy today a chance to buy in the future.

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3 Responses to “How to Sell at a Crafts Fair”

  1. Thanks so much for this article. Im selling my Hair bows this weekend at a Major fundraiser. I didnt think of doing some of these things. Off to make Business cards! thanks a bunch

  2. I am selling cards and asked how to display them, other than just laid on a table. I’m really looking for ideas. Thanks for the blog on it!

  3. The idea of doing your work right there on the stand is excellent. People naturally stop to see what is it that you do and that gives you a couple of seconds of their attention. Use them wisely!