Guide to Adhesives: Specialties

Adhesive foam: Use this to pop up lightweight items on your page, such as die cuts or different layers or piecings.



Glue stick: Glue sticks are good all-purpose adhesives that work well with lighter-weight materials. They’re inexpensive and easy to use.



Glue pads: Glue pads are great for stamping. MAke the impression with the stamp, then cover the area with flock or glitter.



Decorative tape: This is a simple yet decorative way to stick items on your pages.



Adhesive sheets: These sheets are a no-fuss way for covering large or narrow surfaces. They’re great for die cuts–cover the cardstock or paper with adhesive before cutting the shape (but don’t take the backing off yet). Or cut a shape from adhesive sheets and apply it to a project, then cover it with flock, glitter, or foil. Adhesive sheets are virtually invisible on most clear or transparent items.



Glue gun: Though they can be a bit messy, hot glue from glue guns creates a strong bond between many surfaces. The tools come in hot or cool models and can be inexpensive.


Adhesive dots: Use this to attach lighter-weight embellishments. They’re strong by less messy than liquid adhesives. When using an adhesive dot, stick the item on the dot while it it still on the roll. Press firmly, then lift the item off the roll. The adhesive should come with the item.



Sticker maker: This handy tool makes a sticker out of anything you can slide into it, easily covering one side in adhesive.



Decoupage medium: This glue is formulated to work over large areas. Use this when you’re covering items with paper and to seal a project covered in paper.


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