Guide to Adhesives: Adhesive Runner


What is it?

Contained in an applicator, this double-sided adhesive comes in either continuous strips, dots, or precut tabs.


Use with:

  • paper and cardstock
  • lightweight chipboard
  • wider ribbons
  • lightweight embellishments
But not with:
  • narrow items (The item has to be wider than the adhesive to prevent the adhesive from showing.)
  • Some types of tape runners are a single continuous strip of adhesive, while others are tightly spaced dots or squares. If you have curves to adhere, the smaller sizes will be easier to manipulate.
  • Conserve adhesive by using only one long strip diagonally across the back of the element to be adhered and two short strips in the remaining corners.
  • Many double-sided tapes and adhesive rollers come in repositionable or permanent varieties. Repositionable adhesives let you move an item after you’ve stuck it to your page. They’re great when you aren’t sure of your design or you want to create a mask you’ll remove later.


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