Ghostly Fun with Halloween Photos

Halloween 2011 may have come and gone, but Contributing Editor Erica Hernandez has a ghostly effect you can use with those adorable trick-or-treat photos you still have on your camera. Download them, and get started today!

By simply taking a photo of your subject, and then an identical photo of the same location sans subject, you can emulate the look of a transparent figure wafting through the frame.



1. Layer photo WITH subject over the second photo in your editing program (I use PSE.)

2. Reduce the opacity of the top photo to your liking, aligning the background of the photo to the bottom photo layer.
3. Convert to a gritty black and white and add a subtle texture layer to grunge it up a bit.

4. Scrap and enjoy!





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2 Responses to “Ghostly Fun with Halloween Photos”

  1. Easy double exposure we use to hate!

  2. Interesting. I will have to try this. Any tips on using PSE is a great help to me.