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We admit it–we ask a lot of questions on Facebook. But hey, we just want to get to know our favorite fans! Some questions get more comments than others, though. Check out our most commented on posts and what most of you answered with!

This was one of the first questions we asked you! Most of you said that you love scrapbooking with friends, but admitted that you get more done when you scrap alone.



Back in 2010, you guys were all about the bling! You loved glitter stickers and sparkly brads. Ribbons and die cuts also made the list.



Your favorite tools were anything that cut paper–trimmers, punches, and the Cricut all made the list.



Mothers and daughters were inspiring each other to scrapbook. Many of you had stories of the tradition being passed down through generations. And some of you said the birth of children was a huge motivator.

The consensus was three to five photos a page, but some of you daredevils scrapped up to 20 pictures!

We have very diverse fans! You guys confessed to listening to everything from country to rock to pop. And a few of you relished the silence that scrapbooking brings.

Most of you had problems organizing small embellishments, such as stickers, brads, and ribbon scraps.

Most of you said you love your two-page layouts, because you like your pages to match.

This is the question that got the most comments from our fans. The earliest scrapper to answer started scrapbooking in 1961. And one of you promised to start scrapping in 2012.

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