Facebook Milestones

To celebrate reaching 50,000 fans, we looked back at our Facebook–and we mean WAY back. We pulled the important milestones that Facebook let us share with you over the years. Here are the highlights.

This was our first post on Facebook! We encouraged everyone to sign up for our free newsletter as another way of getting more awesome content from us. You can sign up for our weekly newsletter here.


The first photos we ever uploaded were from Winter CHA 2009. We even featured a picture of Paris Hilton holding our February magazine. Paris was there to showcase her new line of scrapbooking products. Read our blog post about it here.


This was our first call for page submissions posted on Facebook. Since then, we’ve only published this info on our Facebook, Twitter, and blog–not in the print magazine.


This was the first slideshow we ever shared on Facebook. Although this slideshow doesn’t exist anymore, we replaced it with another cute baby gifts slideshow. Read it here.


This was the first of many free giveaways advertised on our Facebook. Just as our friend Erica gave away digital brushes when we first started our Facebook page, she created these free journaling cards to celebrate us reaching 50,000 Facebook fans. Get them here. Thanks, Erica!



 We broke the exciting news of Michelle Rubin becoming the new Scrapbooks Etc. editor in this Facebook post. She’s still fearlessly leading us today!


It only took us a month and a half to reach 3,000 fans! We’re still so excited to have such a great community of fans.


 As we approached the redesign of our magazine in 2009, we asked our Facebook readers for their ideas. You inspired us tremendously, and we tried to incorporate your ideas in our magazine.



 We survived the great magazine crisis of 2009 and heard congrats on our Facebook!



After we redesigned our website at the end of 2009, you guys were the first to know. We posted a link as soon as it was ready.


 This was our Facebook Oops! We celebrated 10,000 fans by breaking Facebook’s rules! We made sure not to do it again this time.



 After we built our brand-new, state-of-the-art crafts lab, we shared pictures on our Facebook.


 Last year, we released a Facebook exclusive newsletter called the “10 Weeks of Handmade Holidays” to give our fans the best holiday ideas using their scrapbook supplies.


 Recently, we started asking your opinion on which slideshows should be written for the website. Although this poll was close, the majority of you said you wanted a storage slideshow. See the slideshow here!


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