Pick the Good Pics

Digital photography allows us to take a multitude of photos, but it also leaves us with so many photos that scrapbooking them all can be overwhelming and time-consuming. As the photos–and the stress–pile up, scrapbooking can become a chore. Here are some tips to avoid the urge to scrapbook every photo.

Choose the best. Give up on the idea that every photo you take has to end up on a scrapbook page. Choose a few favorites out of a batch of photos and create a layout using the best shots.

Tell a story. Ask yourself if a photo tells a story. If the pic you’re deciding on doesn’t capture a special memory, emotion, or moment, don’t use it.

Add journaling. Even if you don’t scrapbook all of your photos, you can still capture memories of the day through journaling. Instead of creating pages and pages of one event, choose the most impactful photos and journal about the details.

Make an album. Try a photo album when you have a large number of photos from a special event like a vacation or a wedding. Premade photo albums often have an area for adding notes beside each photo.

Still left with a lot of photos? Try these layouts that are perfect for tons of pictures!

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  1. I choose those with the best facial expressions, that showcase the location I’m scrapping, that evoke an instant emotion, and that best support the story I want to tell. Try a 2 page layout for the main story, and then several divided page protectors for the rest. Replace one 4 x 6 here with another quick journaling box. Enjoy!