5 Days of Writing Tools: Specialty Writing Tools

Specialty Writing Tools

Although we all have our go-to writing tools, there are fun and useful (and sometimes strange) tools that can make your scrapbooking easier! Check out these inks that you may need to add to your collection.


White markers. White markers come in both transparent and opaque varieties. Double-check yours before you put pen to paper to prevent mishaps.

Pen/blade combinations. Looking to outline a title and cut it out at the same time? Look no more: This is your product!

Disappearing ink. Pens with disappearing ink work great for journaling lines or other guidelines because the ink disappears after being exposed to air for a period of time.

Metallic inks. Shine is hot, baby, and metallic inks give simple doodles and journaling an extra bit of glitz.

Puffy ink. Puffy-ink pens give you an embossed look without the hassle of embossing powder and a heat gun. Just slowly draw your title or artwork and wait or the magic to happen.

Red-eye remover. Remove red-eye in printed photos with the touch of a pen. But be careful: Heavy-handed use of the pen can erase an eye completely.

Paint markers. Get the look of painting without the mess. These acid-free markers can write on a variety of surfaces.


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