5 Days of Writing Tools: Markers


You’ll find several tip styles from very fine to thick. Use markers for basic lettering, captions, illustrations, borders, and line art. Choose markers wisely with these tips.

Take this tip. Be sure you get the right tip for the job. Calligraphy and chisel tips are great for creative lettering, while brush tips help you color wide areas without unsightly stroke marks.

Heed the bleed. Look for markers that don’t bleed through paper.

Study surfaces. Think about the surface you’ll be writing on before choosing your markers. For example, slick surfaces need special markers, like American Crafts Slick Writers.

Maximize your investment. Do you like to doodle and embellish your titles by hand? Rather than purchasing individual markers, consider buying a set to save money. Do markers only occasionally find their way onto your projects? Buying basic colors individually may be the way to go.


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