Pack For a Crop

Packing for a scrapbooking crop doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Armed with this handy guide, you can take what you need without feeling weighted down!


Tool Tote
Totes come in several shapes and sizes. If it’s convenient, leave a loaded tool tote right in your scrap space. When it’s time to crop, just grab and go!

Basic tool suggestions:

ο 12″ personal paper trimmer

ο fine-tip scissors

ο adhesive and refills (take as much adhesive as you think you’ll need, then toss in another for good measure)

ο ruler/straightedge

ο craft knife

ο acid-free black pen

ο pencil and good eraser

ο adhesive remover

Have more room in your tote?

ο tweezers

ο sanding disc, files, or an emery board

ο hole punches in 18” and 14” sizes, or
a combined-size hole-punching tool

ο corner-rounding punch

ο frequently used decorative-edge scissors
or punches

Page Kit
Page kits include all the elements for each project you’ve planned. Print photos, assemble coordinated supplies, and gather
any special tools needed for your project. Pack your items in a 12×12″ plastic page protector or a 212 gallon plastic zip-top bag.

Page kit suggestions:

ο photos

ο cardstock

ο patterned paper

ο embellishments

ο title or journaling supplies


It’s great to have larger items with you at a crop, but be sure to weigh the likelihood of using them against the hassle of lugging them with you. If you choose to bring them, don’t forget the accessories!

ο die-cutting tool and dies or shape-cutting tool and cartridges

ο laptop

ο portable printer

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