Back-to-School Notepad

It’s back-to-school time, and in the October issue, we’ve got a great way to get your kids involved n making a teacher gift. Jen Lessinger and her children made cute notepads featuring the kids’ artwork. Here’s how you can make one, too!

Have your child draw a picture on white paper. Scan or photograph the picture and open the file in your image-editing software. Crop or erase any stray marks. Then create a new 11 x 8.5” document and place the artwork onto the page. Duplicate it so you can print two notes from one 11×8.5” sheet (the notes will measure 5.5x11”.)

Print five copies. (If you don’t have image-editing software, have your child draw on each note sheet.)

Perforate each note 1″ from the top of the note. (We used a perforating blade on a rotary trimmer.)

Cut a piece of chipboard that is the same size as the notes.

Staple the notes to the chipboard.

Use piece of heavy patterned paper to make the decorative piece. First score the paper at 1”, then at 1 1/4”. Fold it and adhere it over the top of the note sheets. This covers the staples as well as making it prettier.

Place the notepad under a heavy book overnight to make sure it all sticks together.

Jen added an Avery label to the back on which she’d printed “Made for you by,” then had her children sign it. How cool is that?

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2 Responses to “Back-to-School Notepad”

  1. You can also use a sewing machine without thread to perforate! Great project!

  2. Very cute!!