As I’m madly, obssessively, addictively pinning images to my Pinterest boards, I’ve been wondering, did you know you can follow Scrapbooks etc. on Pinterest? We’ve got several boards we’re curating….just another way to inspire you, help you follow trends, gather ideas, and jumpstart your creating!

If you haven’t heard about it, Pinterest is a wildly addictive site that allows you to curate collections of your favorite web images. Started in 2010, it’s picked up the momentum of a steam train this year. Much like bookmarking a favorite website, Pinterest allows you to pin web images to a virtual bulletin board. Your picks are then displayed in a beautiful collage complete with a link to where each image is found online.

It’s a brilliant tool to help you organize your scrapbooking inspirations (or recipes you want to try, or fashion finds, etc.) Find a great scrapbook page on a blog? Pin it to a board. Come across a cool craft idea or color combination? Pin it to a board. Love that organization tip? Pin it to a board. Organize your collection to your heart’s content, follow others’ collections and repin their finds on your boards, and just get lost in the inspiration. It’s one big pinning party.

Pinterest also happens to have a handy app you can add to your electronic toys to feed the obsession while you’re on the go. Fair warning: Once you start pinning, it’s tough to walk away from the screen, but we hope you’ll look us up once you arrive!

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2 Responses to “Hmmm….Pinteresting”

  1. I do love Pinterest. It is soo addicting once you learn how.

  2. I love pinterest! I agree that it is addictint. Off you check up your boards!