GelaSkins from Cosmo Cricket

I came across some news a little while ago I wanted to share with you, but not until the mail arrived, and I could show you my new find! In May, Cosmo Cricket announced eight of their patterned papers would now be available as GelaSkins for your electronics. Eight of their popular patterns, including Sea Garden, Flagstaff, or Measuring Up, are now available to decorate your iPhone, laptop, e-reader, or whatever else you tote around. I don’t have a cool phone, but I do have a laptop I’m rarely without, so I thought I’d go for it!

Look at that poor, unadorned PC. So sad.

Skin 1I opened up the envelope that arrived in the mail, and found this!

Skin 2Within minutes, my plain, silver laptop looked like this! I loved the Key Caps pattern (so appropriate for a laptop), and it was a breeze to apply.

Skin 3

Word to the wise: Measure twice, order once. As you can see, I thought I was getting the right size, but undercut myself just a little. I still love it though, and may update it in the future. (See update below!) Check out how cool these are…




What’s even better is that Cosmo Cricket has plans to introduce more patterns as GelaSkins. If you’ve got a favorite pattern you’d like to see as a skin, give them a hollar.

UPDATE: Being the recovering perfectionist that I am, I just couldn’t let the almost-fitting skin be. I contacted GelaSkins and they were terrific! I got an immediate response from them inviting me to send the skin back to exchange it for one that fits to a tee. Turns out my laptop is pretty close to the standard size, but if your gadget’s like mine and needs a custom fit, they’ll take care of that no problem. Just send them the measurements. I’m one happy customer!

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  1. AWESOME! Love the look!

  2. This is definitely a gotta have!!

  3. More early bird please, oh and the toaster!