Are YOU in Your Scrapbooks?

Please welcome scrapbooker and blogger Lisa Ottosson as our guest poster today!

I am so excited to be here guest posting today, sharing a few tips and tricks about scrapbooking yourself. 

I know that many people often forget to add themselves into their albums. More often than not it happens after the kids come into our lives. Many of us scrapbookers actually begin memorykeeping when we have children. But then I have a question for you: Where are you in all of your family scrapbooks? Some people barely have one layout that describes the life that is lived by you, not you and your husband or kids, but just about you!

Lisa 1

Some people may say it is egoistic to have so many layouts about yourself in your family scrapbooks, but I am all ok with that. If that means you want your kids and family to actually know the person you were in your life, I will happily be egoistic! I want to record that for my daughter. I want her to know what I love and dislike. I want her to see what my everyday looks like, or what my quirks are. I would love to know what my mother felt and thought when she was my age; what she focused on, and what brought her joy. Of course I am lucky to still have my mother with me and could ask, but like many others she remembers only the bigger events. I firmly believe in recording small and everyday stuff!

One easy way to get started with scrapbooking yourself is to use the good old list method. List things about yourself! You can really go any way here, but from experience I know that it is far easier to list happy and lovable things rather than negative things.

Lisa 2

You could also use notes you’ve jotted down, or a record of your tweets. This layout features my facebook updates during a week. Don´t make it harder than it is. Why not jot down your to do list on a typical day?!

Lisa 3

Scrapbook both the good and the bad things in life. We all know that life has it´s ups and downs. I have found that it is equally important to record how “real” life can be. I have shared many scrapbooking layouts on my blog about my feelings about infertility and sickness, and I love that I have them there in my albums.

For example, late last summer I had a cancer scare and this is a layout I did in the midst of it all. It helped me so much at the time to have the creative time, and get the story down. You can go here to read more about it.

Lisa 4

Now, if you do have issues about people reading and viewing your most private layouts, just store them in a different album that only the people closest to you can see. I’m pretty sure the people that look through your albums will treasure your honesty.

It is also fun to include pages that celebrates you, like this one I did about having self confidence. Scrapbook your achievements like college graduation, getting that cool job, or how you simply survived an awful afternoon!

Lisa 5

 As you have seen in my layouts, I have used all kinds of photos of me. Your face musn´t be on the layout, if that bothers you, but be sure to include at least a few. Instead, include memorabilia or photos of things that represent you like your favourite cardigan you want to wear forever, or a cd case from your favourite artist.  

I hope you take some of the tips today to get you started scrapbooking YOU!

Lisa Ottosson

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3 Responses to “Are YOU in Your Scrapbooks?”

  1. What a wonderful reminder, Lisa, for us to document ourselves so that we have a presence in our family history. Thanks for sharing your beautiful layouts!

  2. Lisa, i love your pages!! thanks for the reminder to include myself in my scrapbooks.

  3. Love Lisa’s layouts and insights! So very true.