DIY Wedding Projects: Guest Book

Photo by ZTS Photo

Photo by ZTS Photo

As Polly Maly mentioned in a recent post, I got married about a month ago and crafted many projects for the wedding. It was so much fun to take the inspiration I found in our magazine and on our Web site, as well as other blogs and sites out there, and create my own vision for the event.

But I also learned a lot of things I thought might be of interest to our readers. So this is the first in a series of posts on my adventures in wedding crafting.

I’m going to start with one of the easiest projects: our guest book. I had a lot of ideas, from making a pretty book myself using a binding system to creating or purchasing something like this wedding tree on Etsy.

But I wanted something a little simpler, so I decided to make a photo book using our engagement photos. About the same time, I discovered Paper Coterie, a new photo book service run by the people who used to print the photo books Scrapbooks etc. offered a few years ago. I’ve always loved those designs, and now they’re available again along with some fun new ones!

The hardest part may have been choosing the design. There is a lovely wedding design available, as well as some guest books, but I wanted more color and more photo options and ended up with one called “Celebrate.”

I uploaded a few of our favorite photos and plopped them into the book using Paper Coterie’s online design program, being careful to leave a lot of empty space for guests to sign. The whole process took less than an hour—and most of that time was spent making decisions. Less than a week later, this was on my doorstep:

Photo by ZTS Photo

Photo by ZTS Photo

The book turned out great. It had a professional look and feel (much better than if I’d designed and bound it myself), and the price was right. I was lucky enough to have a coupon code for a free book, but it definitely would have fit my DIY budget: $20 for the 8×8” design I picked.

I had been worried that the 8×8” album wouldn’t be big enough, but it was perfect! We had about 120 guests, and the book allowed enough room for them to write messages in addition to just their names, so it ended up having a fun yearbook feel to it. Some people even signed it twice!

Photo by ZTS Photo

Photo by ZTS Photo

If only more of my DIY wedding projects were so easy!

(Photos by ZTS Photo)

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5 Responses to “DIY Wedding Projects: Guest Book”

  1. Such a fantastic idea, Michelle – it turned out amazing! Love that it’s so clean and bright :)

  2. I have yet to try one of these bound books…I love them!! Yours is such a great idea for a guest book!! Congrats to you both!!

  3. Congratulations Michelle. That is such happy news! Hope to see you at CHA to give you a hug!

  4. I was so inspired by this guest book idea, I’m thinking about doing something similar for Cole’s graduation party next year (maybe even the same book?). LOVED yours!

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