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As scrapbookers, we can’t deny that we are color fanatics. Something my husband may describe as simply “blue”, I can’t help but take it one step further and call it royal, periwinkle, or robin’s egg. It’s not always been my most endearing quality to him, but I trust many of you are just like me. I love color!

When I choose colors while scrapbooking, I almost always let the photos dictate my main color, but from there the color scheme can often go different directions. Every now and then I get my color wheel out to get me thinking outside the box, but I still get into a rut pairing some of my favorite tried-and-true color combos.

We’ve been in the midst of updating our 20+-year-old home for the past few years, and one of our favorite magazines is Family Handyman. I was reading through the April issue recently and found a little tip about choosing color schemes from an online paint service. I’ve used paint swatches on layouts in the past, but I hadn’t thought about what a terrific resource these online tools would be for choosing colors for my pages.

To choose the color scheme for the April issue’s cover, Family Handyman used an online paint selecting tool from a Canadian paint company called Sico. When you get to their site, click on “colour schemes”, and then choose the color family you’re interested in. Once you’re into that color, refine the search further by selecting an “ambience” for the room. It’s fun, and may just provide you with some great inspiration for your design.

Naturally, I couldn’t stop there, and next found a great online paint selecting tool from Sherwin Williams. Follow the link, click on “Color Ideas and Tools” first, then on “Color Ideas”, and you’ll find several inventive color combinations that are as fun on a layout as they’d be on your walls. has another cool feature. Follow the link and click “Start With Color”. Choose from a color family (like “Oceanic Blues”), then pick an individual color you’re working with. Click on the type of room you’d like to see the colors used on, and they’ll suggest different palettes using your base color. Its actually pretty addictive to just sit and change color schemes to your heart’s content.

The next time you’re stumped for a creative color combination, head to your favorite paint store site, and see what great ideas they have for you! Polly

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