The Wedding We Didn’t Have to Wake Up at 4am to See

With much anticipation, we waited for last weekend’s wedding to arrive, and when it finally got here, boy we were we happy this wedding was an afternoon affair. While we send our congratulations to Will and Kate, the wedding we couldn’t wait for was the nuptials of our dear editor Michelle Rubin, and her beloved, Steve (who, by the way, chose their historic date before Buckingham Palace announced theirs).

When someone as creative and clever as Michelle gets married, you find yourself expecting great things, and no one was disappointed. Michelle and Steve married in a quaint chapel on the grounds of an old local military establishment. The fort has now been turned into a beautiful museum honoring the Army’s first officer candidate class for African American men (1917), and the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (1942). The setting was historical, and charming.

After the wedding, guests walked from the chapel towards the museum, where a group shot was taken with Steve and Michelle front and center, and a beautiful reflecting pool and the chapel in the background. When we walked up the steps of Clayton Hall tables of colorful drinks (in the wedding colors no less) awaited us, and man were they tasty. (The opposite table held glasses of orange cocktails garnished with lemon wedges.)

As guests walked inside, we were met by a roving cart filled with cones of scrumptious french fries, along with several creative dipping sauces like Wasabi Mayo or a Thai Peanut Sauce. We were then led through various rooms of the museum, being treated to incredible food while the wedding party took photos outside. 

We made our way into a larger dining room decorated with vases of flowers, each wrapped in colorful yarns in the wedding colors (aqua and orange). Each table’s arrangement was unique. So simple, so affordable, and so striking. (The handsome gent in the background is our Brittany Hopkin’s intended, Tim.)

Overhead, Michelle decorated with more ultra-simple, but ultra-cool, yarn decorations suspended from the ceiling. They reminded me of the craft projects we did years ago where you wrapped ballons in yarn and paper mache, and then popped the balloons. (Wouldn’t that be such a fun way to decorate in a bedroom or craft space?)

Inside the dining room a lovely table was set up with Steve and Michelle’s wedding cake. Their cake was about the size of the smallest tier of a traditional cake.

The rest of the cake table held an assortment of incredible cupcakes topped with colorful handmade pinwheels. The cupcakes flavors included Vanilla Malt, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Cheesecake, and Orange Marmalade.

Michelle thought of everything, including her youngest guests. She and Steve set up the most inviting kids table with everything to keep them happy and distracted as the adults enjoyed the reception.

They set up their own photo booth, and encouraged guests to have fun using the props!

At the guest book table, guests were offered a selection of sporty little buttons designed with their photo, initials, or the most clever one of all that read, “At least I didn’t have to get up at 4am to see this wedding”. Their buttons are featured on this website.

Wedding guests signed an 8×8 photobook filled with Steve and Michelle’s favorite engagement photos. A yarn-wrapped monogram was propped near the guest book.

It was a picture perfect spring day, and the weather was nothing short of spectacular for them.

We love you Steve and Michelle, we wish you a very happy lifetime together, and hope you’re enjoying your much-deserved honeymoon!

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7 Responses to “The Wedding We Didn’t Have to Wake Up at 4am to See”

  1. Oh my…this made me misty! She looks gorgeous. I am so happy for her for so many reasons! Love you, Michelle!

  2. I LOVE it! What fantastically beautiful, personal, unique wedding decor. Seriously, I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Omgosh I love all of the unique and beautiful touches!! Congratulations, Michelle!

  4. what a lovely wedding! congratulations to michelle and steve, you two look so happy!

  5. What a fun wedding! We really should have anniversary parties that are this fun too!

  6. This is so very beautiful and so are you both! Congrats, Michelle and Steve!!

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