SRM Stickers Magic Wands and Tubes

Scrapbookers are crafty people, and its so natural for us be creative off-the-page as well as on. I wanted to tell you about one of the simplest, but cutest, darn things I found from SRM Stickers that are just right for a quick little gift item or party favor. SRM Stickers has been one of those consistently great companies that knows what they do best, and they do it really well. Their stickers are clean and classic, but have a whimsical up-to-date feel that work with any trendy project. 

This year SRM introduced their plastic Magic Wands and Tubes. Basically, they’re just inexpensive, clear plastic tubes (with caps), but oh my, wait ’til you see what the SRM designers have done with them. The tubes are about 6 1/2″ long and are a little wider in diameter than the wands, which are 12″ long. Think of them for party favors, dimensional invitations, or a little happy gift for the school secretary, or your co-worker. Fill them with m&ms, Skittles, pennies, mints, gumballs, chocolate-covered espresso beans…you name it!

I wanted to share some of the projects using the wands and tubes that caught my eye, but you’ll find more projects like these on the SRM Sticker blog. It’s a daily treat of inspiration. Check it out! 

Check with your local store first to see if they carry SRM products, but you can also find them online here. Have fun! Polly

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