Guest Post: Translating Inspiration to a Scrapbook Page

Please welcome scrapbooker Lisa Dickinson as our guest blogger today!

I love finding scrap inspiration in non-scrappy places, and one of my favorite sources is fashion catalogs.  From Boden to Anthropologie to Nordstrom, print catalogs often spark ideas for scrapbook pages. And when this spring J Crew catalog arrived in the mail, I knew it would be a great starting point for a page:

At first glance, it may not be obvious how you could interpret this design onto a scrapbook project.  So here are three of my favorite tips when it comes to translating inspiration to a page.

1.  Be Inspired By Layout. This catalog cover features bright, colorful elements on a white background. They are grouped together in a loose grid of shapes of varying sizes and colors. I used that arrangement as a starting point for my page elements, substituting scrap items for the clothing items:

Notice I also used a similar color arrangement as the catalog, replacing the pink shirt with a pink butterfly stamp, the yellow heels for a yellow square of patterned paper, etc.  The result is not an exact copy of the cover, but you can see how the catalog design influenced this scrapbook page.

2.  Be Inspired by Text. The crisp black J Crew logo on the catalog cover balances the colorful elements, without overpowering them. The vertical orientation allows it to blend into the design, rather than standing alone.  I thought this type of title treatment would be effective on a scrapbook page.  So using a similar font as the logo (Adobe Garamond), I cut a title from black cardstock with my Silhouette for this page:

The title on my page works similarly to the catalog logo, adding balance and stability to the page without overpowering the photos and embellishments.

3.  Be Inspired by Elements. If the design as a whole isn’t motivating you to create, try picking one element within the layout to re-create.  I was attracted to the colorful layered tee shirts on the bottom left of the cover.  The happy rainbow-hued colors layered over one another immediately grab the eye.  By using similar colors of glitter cardstock, I created my own rainbow design on this card:

The black circular call-out on the catalog cover was replaced with the card sentiment, and I added a bit of twine to pull the heart grouping together.

So the next time you’re stuck for inspiration, pull out some of those clothing catalogs! I think you’ll be surprised by how many ways they can influence a scrapbook page design.  And if you want to see more tips for using inspiration, stop my blog at Happy Scrapping!

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8 Responses to “Guest Post: Translating Inspiration to a Scrapbook Page”

  1. Always a fan of your fresh, graphic style.
    Great Springtime inspo!

  2. Love your ideas for finding inspiration, Lisa! And the layouts and card are gorgeous.

  3. Wonderful ideas about using everyday items for inspiration. Thanks for the tips.

  4. Fantastic work! It’s such a simple thing to do but I’ve never thought of going to magazines for inspiration. I’m going to try keeping my eyes open a bit more!

  5. you never fail to inspire, Lisa. love your ideas and your upbeat manner :)

  6. So cool to see how you used this piece of inspiration in three different ways. Love all three!

  7. Thank you so much for breaking down the inspiration and truly translating it! I’ve heard people talk about being inspired by ad layouts, but I never “got it” – sad but true for a former marketer. So thank you a million times – I now get it!!! And I’m anxious to see what new catalog or magazine will be landing in my mailbox soon – I’m so inspired to get scrapping :)