Guest Post: Military Scrapbook Pages

Please welcome Stephanie Howell as our guest blogger today!

What my husband does is more than just a job. It is our life. It is who he is, and I could not possibly be prouder of him. I am dedicated to scrapbooking and documenting his army career. You don’t have to use “traditional” military themes such as camo, military colors, etc. You can “nod” to tradition by using hints of red, white, and blue; yellow ribbons; and stars. It is possible to use decidedly “feminine accents” on military pages. It really is! i’ve been known to use ribbon, scalloped edges, rhinestones, pins, pearls, and flowers on my military pages. I’ve even used tulle!

The important thing is getting down on paper how proud you are. How life-changing and crucial this job is.

I used symbolism here, even the page doesn’t look army-ish at first glance. The yellow ribbon symbolizes our reunion, and the 4 represents the fact that the four of us were together again…complete again. I used pearl flowers here, and that’s okay! This page conveys so much emotion. This moment was such a defining moment for our family.

The color scheme here is classic and patriotic—red, white, and blue, with that yellow ribbon again. Even though the colors are traditional, the patterns (scallops, flowers, damask) are not. I like that.  The star rhinestone and pin adds another classic touch in a whimsical way.  I just love that yellow ribbon and what it means to me. Writing about the moment our family was reunited was very special to me. I love that i have these emotions down on paper.

This was the very first army page I made. It’s actually one of the very first pages I made, period. As you can see here, the focus is on the words and the emotions. It’s all about what my husband does, who he is, and how his calling makes me feel and what it means to me. Here I explored my thoughts on the military. This page is old, but feels very timeless to me.

(photos taken for time magazine)
Here again are the traditional accents of stars and red, white, and blue.  I want my girls to know WHY their daddy is a soldier, what he believes. It’s important to pass that on and that’s what I did here.

Stephanie lives in Savannah, Georgia, where she is a proud army wife to Jimmy, who is a major and army ranger. She is also a stay-at-home mom to Harper (4), Sadie (3), and Cate and Lucy (3 months). She designs for Studio Calico, Jenni Bowlin Studio, and Sassafras. Scrapbooking is her sanity and her saving grace.
You can visit Stephanie’s blog (just me, my soldier, and our 4 little chicks) at :

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5 Responses to “Guest Post: Military Scrapbook Pages”

  1. These are great. So glad to see pages without special papers. I am doing my husband’s service, 58 years ago, in Italy. Yesterday, I papers with Latin and Cescar on them. These beautiful pages tells me I am going in right direction. Yeah!!

  2. I have to say your layouts are beautiful and inspiring, but the stories are even more amazing. Thank you to your husband for all he does for people like me. Tears in eyes.

  3. I love seeing “non-traditional” papers for military pages. I want to do my husband’s AF pages, and your pages give me such inspiration. THANK YOU!

  4. Thank you to your husband for his dedicated service. Thanks to you as well for your support and dedication to the family side of things. I am an army reserve wife an have survived 2 deployments. Well, the second of the two will end soon. I get the separation and all that you do. Thank you again. Thank you also for sharing your scrapbook pages. Always looking for new ideas.

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