I got a new toy

I can’t deny it, because many of you have seen for yourselves, I have an awesome scrapbook space. With drawers, shelves, and cubbies for every last product, I’ve got a spot for everything. There’s just one glitch, though, in the original plan for organization that doesn’t always work for me. I’m very much a visual person, and out of sight is often out of mind. When my space was first renovated, I divided one of the pull-out drawers with wire mesh c.d. storage bins. They stored my packaged embellishments neatly, but over time the bins got a little too full, and just weren’t functional for me.

I’ve been considering a solution for a while now that many of you wise scrappers were already onto. I thought a Clip it Up by Simply Renee was the answer to my problem. I’ve known about the Clip it Up system for a quite a while, and have always been impressed by the variety of options they have to help a scrapbooker get organized. Well, yesterday, my new toy arrived.

Putting it together couldn’t have been simpler. In less than five minutes, I was done. I decided to take baby steps and just start with the main base unit. I wanted to see how much would fit on this before I bought the upper tier add-on. Oh man, do I love my new toy. I feel like its Christmas morning!

I went through the whole drawer and had a blast saving this, and purging that. It’s so exciting to find really cool stuff you’d forgotten you even had. I could hang any size packaging on it, but when I hit the end of my clips, and still had more sheets of letter stickers to hang, I figured I had my answer to the question of whether or not I needed the upper tier. Yep, I do. My family’s home on spring break this week so they all got to see my excitement over it. Did they get it? Well, their enthusiasm was sweet, but maybe you have to be a scrapbooker to understand the thrill.

As a newbie to the Clip it Up system, I’m just blown away by how far its been upgraded since it first came on the market. They now have a Clip it Up mini, a Jumbo version for 12×12 papers and kits, wall-mounted solutions, an under-the-shelf rod, and ribbon trays.  Here’s what my Clip it Up will look like with the upper tier added:

But wait….its about to get even better….

They’re introducing an enormous system for storing  just about every product you own. It starts with the All-In-One frame to which you can add trays and rings to fit your product stash. The beauty of it is when your space is cramped, and you don’t have room to spread out, you can spread….up! Its got ample room for paper, paints, ribbons, you name it, and its all in sight, in mind, and at your fingertips. This new system’s not available just yet, but you’ll be able to get your hands on it this summer.

All this organization has really inspired me. I feel a page coming on! Polly

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25 Responses to “I got a new toy”

  1. Looks super cool!!

  2. This review makes me want a Clip-it-up even more!

  3. Clip it ups are just great. They make me excited about organizing.

  4. Oh heavens!!!! Congrats to you, that looks like so much fun! And that new system? To die for! :)

  5. Aren’t they wonderful!! I was like a kid on Christmas morning too when I received mine! And they are addicting! I now have several and I try to clip EVERYTHING up! Enjoy!

  6. I’m just wondering now, why did I wait so long to get one?!

  7. I want to get the jumbo verision when it comes out! I’m trying to pinch my pennies so I can maybe get it this summer.

  8. Oh how I love my clip it up!
    I have my eye on this big one- oh how I love the possibilities.

  9. I have the same problem with my scraproom. So many of my things are out of site. I have a lot hanging on peg board on rings, but I feel smothered and its not really working that. great. this whole set up that your talking about sounds like a really neat idea.

  10. I’ve loved mine. Have used it now for over two years. Love the expansion line!

  11. I just got my first one recently, too! It was well worth the money! I don’t know how I did without it.

  12. I recently got one with the upper tier and LOVE it too!

  13. The ClipItUp is simply the best idea in the market. Period. I’ve used mine for 2 years and I brag about it when my friends come over. Thank you to the inventors!

  14. So glad that the Clip it up worked for your space! I love mine for the same reason!

  15. You’re really making it difficult to resist buying one, lol. Great job organizing!

  16. I absolutely adore my jumbo as well! Everything is within reach…in SITE, and at my fingertips! NO WAY will I forget what I have now! LOVE Clip It Up!!!

  17. mine is arriving today! But have you seen how people paint & decorate them? No more black spindle…..that will be my first goal!

  18. This has been on my wish list for a long time!! I am the same way..out of sight out of mind.

  19. I love the two tier setup I have to store all my Cricut cartridges and Cricut supplies.

  20. Love your review. This too has been on my ever-growing wish list. Congrats on you new toy.

  21. Love clip-it up. Someday I will buy one and get myself organized!

  22. I so want one of these. Would be a great way to keep track of my alpha stickers.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  23. Don’t you just love it. It has organized me so much that I am now using things I forgot I bought. So basically it is saving me money.

  24. This review cinched what I already knew! I need at least ONE round clip-it! My sister has one and after seeing hers and her organization and then reading this I can’t wait to be able to get one. I am recovering from major reconstrutive back surgery so as soon as i am back to work and can spend this is what I am ordering. Thanks for the review.

  25. Thank you Polly for the wonderful write-up on the Clip it Up!
    I worked really hard to make it easy and visual because I had a lot of products and I’d forget what I had. I’m also really bad at putting things away. I have to have lots of options when i create so I pull out too much stuff and I never wanted to take the time to put it away. So I hope you’ll see the benefits of have easy it is to put things back.
    Agan, thanks for the kind things you said about our products. One of the best things about starting a business is when it helps solve a problem for someone else!